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Why do we choose the people we want to keep in our lives?

Is it because we want them? They’re fun, useful, entertaining, attractive.

But what happens when we stop wanting those attributes?

Well I guess people do shift in and out of each others’ lives all the time. Read the rest of this entry

Freddie’s Rant

So, I was going through my old writings yesterday to find some inspiration, and I found a piece I wrote a while back from the perspective of my truck. I figured it was the perfect time to post this (with some revisions) since I ran over a curb Saturday, causing me to need a new tire for the third time since November. Anyway, without further ado, Freddie’s Rant. (To see the history behind Freddie’s name, see Car History part 3: Freddie)

Well, she’s done it again. Here I am, a beautiful blue truck, and I’m stuck sitting outside on the curb for half a day without a tire. Just because she can’t pay attention when she’s making turns. I mean, first she kills my front right tire by hitting it on the curb at home all the time. Then she just wears down the front left. Honestly, that one probably wasn’t completely her fault. The tire was getting a bit old. But this time was completely her fault. That was the third curb she hit with the right rear tire in less than a week. Learn some depth perception girl!

But I’m sure it’s not even depth perception. She just doesn’t pay attention. I mean, if I had to count how many times she slams on her brakes, I would be able to count a lot higher. If she would just drive a bit less recklessly, I wouldn’t have to sleep so much in my downtime. I could flirt with the neighbor trucks. I could have time to share stories of our adventures. As it is, she is making me old, fast. Is it time to retire yet?


So, As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am reading The Princess Bride. Usually I try to refrain from spoilers, but I feel like most of the world has seen the movie, and the part I am going to discuss is almost verbatim from the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want spoilers, then you should stop reading and come back tomorrow.

I made the mistake the other night of saying “oh just one more chapter” about half an hour before I really needed to go to sleep (I have to be up for work at 6 on weekdays). So of course I said that at the longest chapter, where Buttercup is kidnapped, and Wesley faces three foes to reach her, and then they run through the fire swamp. the chapter is one hundred and twenty pages in my copy. So I did not finish it. Read the rest of this entry


I have just started reading The Princess Bride. I have heard a lot of negative and positive reviews, but never read the book. I know it apparently takes a while to get to the point sometimes, but I hope that adds to the humor.

So I got the 30th anniversary edition, and I am reading the introduction. It is hilarious. The author spins these marvelous stories about the history of the novel and his family life. And they’re all fake.

His introduction is just another drawn out story for the readers.

I love it.

It gives us this rich history, and puts the book into all sorts of fake contexts, and I think it’s really clever. And that made me think about the line between fiction and nonfiction. I love studying memoirs, but quite a few come under fire for holding falsities.

If the core of the novel is truth, then do the stories and specifics behind that truth need to be exact? Sometimes we learn more from fiction, right? It’s framed just right, and any leftover confusing aspects can be left out.

Anyway, that is enough rambling for now. Have a great Monday everyone!


So yesterday I started talking about How I met Your Mother because I wanted to talk about a storyline with Robin.

Without spoiling too much, I’ll go into it a little bit. Robin has to choose between two guys. One is she dating and one who loves her and is also a good friend. She says the same things to both guys: “I’m such a mess. I don’t even know why you like me.”

Robin is usually portrayed as the career woman- strong, independent, and sometimes a little scary. But sometimes her sensitive side is shown. She is unsure of what she wants in life, and whether she deserves good things.

I love this show. It is ridiculous, and sometimes awful in the things it makes fun of, but it does manage to portray some real life scenarios and emotions.

I think we can all be uncertain sometimes. Knowing what you want in life and how to get there can be difficult. How do you battle these uncertainties? Religion? Friends? Work? Setting Goals? Ignoring your worries? There are a lot of options. And while worrying is not a good way to “live in the moment” there is something to be said for planning for the future, right? Just not putting too much stock in those plans? Rolling with the punches is a must.

Sitcom Talk

I love “How I met Your Mother”.

The show is fun, the characters are hilarious, and the premise is a huge stretch, but still entertaining. I spent last summer watching seasons 1-6 on netflix. After season 7 finally got put on netflix, I watched about 7 episodes and then got distracted by real life. But yesterday I had completed a bunch of chores and errands and decided to reward myself. I watched about 5 episodes.

Season 7 is kind of depressing me. I was a bit angry at one of the episodes, and then two made me almost cry (and not from laughter). But the events were all things that do happen in real life, and one of the sad things was an issue that I’m glad the show addresses. I think part of the “depression” is because in the show, Ted’s been actively looking for a wife for over ten years, and has nothing to show for it. His tone in narrating the story is a bit down.

What sitcoms are you obsessed with?
Why? Do you related to the characters? Is it good brainless tv? Or does it make you think?

I think How I met Your Mother does all of those things for me. Just depends on the day, the episode, and my frame of mind.


It’s Sophie!

I don’t think I’ve posted anything with Sophie in it yet, but she’s a cool character. I’ve had several large stories in mind for her, but haven’t managed to write any of them yet. So for now, Sophie gets little snippets every couple of months when I miss her.

And Poor Sophie, I always seem to give her guy problems. I guess that’s life.

I feel like kind of an ass for flaking on you. Sorry!

Sophie looked at her phone and rolled her eyes. Matt was such an idiot. He was the one who had wanted to hang out on his last night in town. She didn’t really care one way or another, but he had said “I’ll let you know tonight’s plans” and then she had held off making other plans, only to be ignored and spend the night at home alone.

Well you kind of are, but that’s ok. Have a good trip back to school!

Wow… harsh.

What? That wasn’t that harsh. Plus, he was the one that had said it. She had just agreed. If he was looking for her to say he wasn’t, that just wasn’t going to happen.

Guys are such idiots.

If only girls weren’t too.


“Why me!?!” the thin blonde woman lamented to the sky. “WHY?”

“Why not you?”

Jessica jumped and turned to look around. A few paces away, a man with hair the color of coffee stood, walking toward her.

“What?” Jessica sneered defensively. “you don’t even know what I’m talking about. I don’t deserve what is happening to me.”

“And someone else does?” Read the rest of this entry

You’re laaate

The journal I used to edit for had a writing contest and the theme was “down the rabbit hole”. I was the judge, and I got to read some amazing stories written by some talented students.It got me thinking about Alice and Wonderland, and this is what transpired.

“You’re late, you’re late. for a very important DAAAAaaaate” Said the rabbit.

“No. I’m not!” Alice barked.

“Weeeellll Soooomebody’s defensive” sneered the rabbit. “Guess that answers the question of how far you and Keith have gone.”

“SHUT. UP” Alice locked herself in the bathroom, but the rabbit just slid under the door.

“You know, all you have to do is pee on a stick. It’s not that hard. You can even buy them at the dollar store.”

“I am NOT buying a dollar store pregnancy test. Besides, I am not late. I think I felt a cramp earlier. Stop nagging me. I have a few days before I need to worry.”

“Well I don’t know why you’re mad at me,” the rabbit tittered. “You’re the one who conjured me up.”

Alice stared at the rabbit until he vanished, sighed, and sunk to the floor, shaking.

Party in a Pack of Pabst

“Duuuudde! I am sooo wasted!”

“Dude you’re going to be wasted. That guy is so drunk he won’t even taste you. You’ll probably end up mostly on the floor.”

“Daaang. Hey, who’s that sweet looking thing across the fridge?”

“Oh don’t try talking to her. That’s one of ’em wine cooler chicks. She probably thinks she’s cooler than you.”


“Excuse me? Are you speaking of moi? I am not a wine cooler! I am a hard lemonade! I can be enjoyed by all types, not just lightweight blondes”

“Well come on over here so I can enjoy ya, sweet thang!”

“…. sorry, I’m into beers with more… body.”