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Give the Gift of Reading!

my friend Kelsey’s classroom really needs reading-level appropriate books for the kids. Donorschoose is a great organization where you can help teachers get materials they need for their classrooms. Check it out and donate if you can!

Across the Threshold is Here!

That’s right. the anthology I’m in is finally published and available for purchase! You can find out info about me and the other authors here at our first blog tour post!

Here’s where you can buy it!



If you don’t have a kindle, Amazon will give you a FREE app for reading on just about any electronic device.

Another great feature of Kindle is the ability to give a book as a gift! Just purchase and schedule it for delivery by email.

I’m excited to be a part of this project and can’t wait to see what you all think of the collection!

Since I’m not Writing

This is the answer to yesterday’s prompt. Check out my last two posts to learn about the writing challenges I’m posting. I hope you give the prompts a try as well, and share what you write!

The point of these challenges is to improve writing skills, which starts with getting past everything that keeps you from writing. The first thing I’m going to address is the physical activities that distract us wannabe writers. Tomorrow we’ll talk about fear. The following scene is an enactment of one of my pet-characters doing what she and I do best: procrastinating.

I’m so excited that I have the house to myself for once, Sophie thought to herself on the drive home. I am going to get so much writing done! I’m going to write some short stories, and some poems, ooh! and I can work on my book idea! Maybe I’ll outline it! Or I can just write a chapter or two! 

So here’s the game plan. Once I get home, I’m going to make a quick dinner so I don’t forget to eat, and then it’s straight to work. I won’t write very efficiently while I eat though, so I’ll watch a little bit of tv. just a half hour. 

Sophie walked into the house feeling confident in her ability to be productive. Then one tv show while eating turned into 2 hours of some stupid sitcom. Then… My shoulders are so sore. I could really use a bath. Maybe I’ll do some reading while in the tub. Reading’s just as important as writing. I’ll write a quick poem while the water runs. 

So while the tub water ran, she checked facebook and her email. Then..

This water is soooo nice. I’m just going to soak here for a while. And now my hands are all wet… I’ll just read later.

So Sophie went to bed 45 minutes after she planned to and got absolutely nothing done.

Coming up!

You may or may not remember that I’m working on an anthology project with some friends! It’s been a long journey, and the group has shrunken and grown many times. But we’ve put together a collection of fairytales, myths, and fables, and after many many months, we’re finally down to the wire!

Our collection, “Across the Threshold” is set to be released November 29th in a variety of e-book and physical formats. I will provide more information as the date draws nearer, but know there’s lots of fun in store!

My contribution is a fun take on the wishing star, who I’ve dubbed Cecilia. Can’t wait to share our stories with all of you! Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll keep you up to date on details!

A Night for a Novel

“Anything worth doing can be done in one night”

writing paraphernalia

She fluffed her pillows.

She plugged in her laptop.

She set her coffee,

her water,

a tissue box,

the radio remote,

a pen,

and a notepad

all on the bedside table. Read the rest of this entry


Once Upon a Time isn’t the first work of fiction to combine many fairytales. It’s not the first to put fairytale characters in the modern day. Fairytale retellings and re-imaginings have run rampant for years.

And because of this, it makes me wonder. If it were to be revealed tomorrow that we’re surrounded by magical beings, from fairytales or mythology- immortal little girls who steal from bears. werewolves. vampires. fae.

Would it be that surprising?

Which is probably the train of thought that has started every modern day fable.

Stay tuned next year for the release of my first novel, little red goldilocks fights a vampiric werewolf. Instant classic.


I’ve got a project. But I’m not going to tell you about it. It’s a secret project. That way, if I don’t finish it, no one will be able to hold me accountable. Ok, so now that I’ve gone on that little teasing jaunt, I’ve got another poem for you.

Flickering heat.


snuffed by a breeze,

or is it?


The flame returns,

strengthened by the brief reprieve.


on my hand. 

in my hands.

against my skin.

The candle burns.


Nature’s Breath

Cicily sat at the top of the mountain, writing in the journal that Brian had given her.


Why had things gone so wrong?

Well, nothing had gone wrong really, it just didn’t go right.

How was she ever supposed to give her heart to someone and stay her own person?

Maybe she just wasn’t meant to fall in love.

Looking out at the trees below, Cicily felt a bit of peace. This was the real world. Not that city mess that she needed to escape from every weekend. This.  Read the rest of this entry


So, the anthology group I am a part of is getting everything together, and we’re releasing our collection of Fairy-tale/mythos inspired stories in October! We’re putting together a kickstarter for the project, which will be live on July 1st! I’m not going to nag you all about it too much, but it’d be cool if you checked it out! There will be information about all the authors and their stories on the kickstarter page.

Anyway, that combined with the fact that I’m reading a book called “the tipping point” are what inspired this next little snippet. The tipping point is all about the little things that cause epidemics, whether they be diseases, or social epidemics like fashion trends and tv shows. I realized that the terms “kickstarter” and “tipping point” have similar meanings. So here is what popped into my head on the drive to work this morning.

Janie slid up from home base, rushed back around third, ducked under the short stop and rounded second. She barely made it to first as the pitcher caught the ball from second base and then she sprinted with all her might to home plate, where the bat flew into her hands and she got ready to miss the ball three times like she always had before. but first, something happened.

The catcher called her a pathetic loser.

Janie relived that first home run backward, forward and sideways until she went to sleep that night. Then she dreamed about the game, only this time it happened in a castle surrounded by clouds.



So the other day I put out a call for post ideas and a couple people actually responded with requests! I was excited, especially when I saw that the lovely Ionia Martin suggested the word exuberance. I immediately thought of my dog, who is always hyper and excited and exhausting herself with her bouncing around. So I wrote the following sketch, outlining my dog, and how she is the epitome of exuberance.

“Good morning! Good morning human! Wake up!” Read the rest of this entry