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Completely vanished.

Not there.




Just Hiding.


Silly turtle was completely buried in her dirt today. I swear I ran my hand over every inch of her bin. Then I start searching the room, completely at a loss as to how she could have gotten out. Check her bin again. She was right there. Dang thing.


Turtle Turtle!

So, Jordan and I got a turtle this last weekend. It belonged to a coworker’s son, who is 16 and now more interested in girls and sports than taking care of a turtle. We went over and got the turtle, the tub she’s been living in, and a few caretaking items from them. They had named her Timmy, not knowing that she was a girl for a while. We have named her Terra.

Terra is a dork, just like us. She burrows in her dirt, dirties up her water dish, and tries to climb up the walls of her tub. She loves being hummed and whistled too. Jordan got her a little plate for her food. It has Tinkerbell and some other faeries on it. This morning she seemed just as reluctant to have the light turned on at 6:30 as I was. Read the rest of this entry