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I’m Baaaack!

I know it’s been a while, but I have been avoiding my computer. Something to do with the ten hour work days on the internet, I presume.

Anyway, today I came back to my blog and what did I see? Only 5 spam comments! I guess when I don’t post, the robots visit my blog less! Too bad real people do too, go figure.

One of these messages informed me that the commenter cogitated that my blog was very good. That spinner had a great vocabulary.

I’ve been cogitating a lot lately though. Well, kind of. I have short bursts of deep thoughts that I never really return to. Moral questions,  speculation on my life goals, etc. No conclusions of course, because there are probably no conclusions to be had. Whether I decide on a goal or not does not necessarily affect whether I complete that goal.

Anyway, lots of thoughts, but not a lot of reading and writing has been done. Let’s see if that can change over this four day weekend.