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Star Child

You might think that a child of the night

would bring darkness

to the world around it.

But that created in darkness

can fill a need.


For what is the most noticeable thing in the night sky?

The stars.

Why are cities beautiful at night?

Lights: neon, flourescent,

all over.

like so, products of dark times

do not need to be an extension of that darkness,

but can function as light

for others.

Lonely Stars

I have an idea for a piece about The Wishing Star for an anthology project I am involved in. Below is some stuff I wrote to get in the mindset to write the piece. It won’t be in the actual story, but it kind of sets the tone for what I want to write, so I thought I’d share it here. Enjoy!

As long as there have been cities where human beings congregate to avoid the loneliness of nature, there have been people who long to escape the lights of those cities – to get away from the loneliness of shared company. The act of observing the stars has brought peace to peoples’ hearts for centuries. When looking at the vastness of the night sky, we realize that this universe is huge; we realize that we are not alone. Then we can go back to the very people whom we were escaping with a sense of gratitude for their presence in our lives.

It may seem odd that the solitary act of stargazing can dissipate loneliness, but it is true. Some speculate that it is because it gives us the opportunity to spend time with ourselves. When we feel lonely in a crowd of people, it is because we have lost touch with ourselves and therefore cannot connect with anyone else. Getting away from our daily routine can help this. The night sky is like a blank canvas for our thoughts. Our worries and concerns become lines connecting the stars and planets together. Once this is done, they are no longer inside us, and we are left with just ourselves, able to rejoin the general population. Read the rest of this entry