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Across the Threshold is Here!

That’s right. the anthology I’m in is finally published and available for purchase! You can find out info about me and the other authors here at our first blog tour post!

Here’s where you can buy it!



If you don’t have a kindle, Amazon will give you a FREE app for reading on just about any electronic device.

Another great feature of Kindle is the ability to give a book as a gift! Just purchase and schedule it for delivery by email.

I’m excited to be a part of this project and can’t wait to see what you all think of the collection!

Sweet Tea

Something was… off. The tea was supposed to have herbs and spices, but this just didn’t taste right. Coriander usually went with orange spice decently well. Maybe the problem was the sage. Yeah, there was way too much sage in this tea.

Brittnee sippped the tea, trying to pretend that it tasted good. After all, she was trying to heal things with Cindy. Complaining about her homemade concoctions was not the best way to mend fences.

“How’s Sally?” Brittnee asked. The surest way to make a mother forget a grudge is to ask about their little monsters. Read the rest of this entry