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It is almost noon, and though I have been awake for hours, I have only left my bed for a few minutes. Thank the universe for laptops, which allow us to pretend to be productive while lying in bed.

I was only going to sit here for long enough to post a story on my blog. It is a story I wrote for a class last year, and was published in the school’s literary journal. I have a couple of drafts saved on my blog, but this story is the one I wanted to post. It is about an author, and that is all I’m going to give away at this point.

So, I searched my computer for the document. I couldn’t find it under the story’s title. I couldn’t find it under any other feasible titles either. So I started going through all of my documents and downloads. I did not find the story. I did however, find a lot of other documents worth reading. Pieces I’ve started, pieces I’d forgotten about, lists I’ve made, goals I’ve set. There’s a lot of stuff on my computer. Read the rest of this entry