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Voices of Nature Blog Tour!

Stars Above (alouette)

Starry nights shine bright
Thousands of wee lights
Constellations light the sky
Darkness shows contrast
While clouds have gone past
Suspended in time up high

Pisces and Leo
Taurus and Virgo
Constellations light the sky
Libra, Pegasus
Worlds of tiny lights float by

©2014 Poetry by Pamela, all rights reserved.

This is just a sample of the poetry you will find in Voices of Nature. There are dozens more poems for you to savor.

You can buy it here for only $.99 for Kindle – it also available in paperback ($7.19) on Amazon.

Poetry gives voice to what the eyes see and the heart hears.

Inspiration exists all around us. Beauty can be found in the laughter of a child or the blooms of a tree. Poems are one person’s interpretation of the world seen through their eyes and felt in their heart. Poetry is soul food – plain and simple.

Voices of Nature is a collection of poems that reflect the inherent splendor of nature all around us. This book utilizes a variety of poetry forms to paint word pictures.

One review said “The sheer variety of styles in this poetry book is amazing. Haiku, triple haiku, acrostic, rondeau, and so many others. Even better is that they explain the poems in the back, which is a great service to the curious reader.

Each poem is clear and paints a perfect picture of nature. Though, I have an odd feeling that both poets were tired of winter since that had the most amount of poems out of the season sections. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I did love the ‘Thunder and Lightning’ acrostic for the imagery and ‘New Day’ for the complicated style and bringing an odd sense of serene closure to the book.

I would highly recommend this poetry book. Even if you’re not into poetry, the pieces for every season will probably have you going ‘I thought the same thing.’

Pamela previously released a collection of love poems titled Dreams of Love with several five star reviews. She has been writing for a short time, but pours her soul into her poetry.

Kirsten collaborated on a collection called Hope’s Flight.

This is a collection created by two poets – Pamela B and Kirsten A.
Both women enjoy exploring various topics and poetry forms. Many forms are represented in Voices of Nature (along with a short description of the forms for your convenience). Buy Voices of Nature for only $.99 today and experience the wonders all around us.



Is nothing

as exciting

and fulfilling

and real

as a dream

on the horizon?



Just maybe,

you’re hearing me,

seeing things,




Have you ever


to think?


But no,

perception is reality,

so we must be in Wyoming.


Never Before


how you don’t notice

a brand new sensation

until it’s not new anymore.


Not until reminiscing

do you realize

you haven’t felt this way forever.


Or ever before.

Maybe that’s weird.

It probably is.

Because you’re human.

Escape Artist

Wide eyes,

nodding head,

not perfectly still,

but not fidgety either.

Pleasant responses,

acceptable body language,





worlds away.


leaf on groundAlways strong.

Never wavering.


by reality

and doubts

and other nonexistent entities.

Yet leading nowhere

as usual.


Is life a box

where we are confined,

only allowed small snippets

of the world as a whole?


Or is life the world as a whole,

where we inhabit only a small space

not because we’re boxed in,

but because we choose to stay where we’re comfortable?


I’ve got a project. But I’m not going to tell you about it. It’s a secret project. That way, if I don’t finish it, no one will be able to hold me accountable. Ok, so now that I’ve gone on that little teasing jaunt, I’ve got another poem for you.

Flickering heat.


snuffed by a breeze,

or is it?


The flame returns,

strengthened by the brief reprieve.


on my hand. 

in my hands.

against my skin.

The candle burns.



Certain things

we know,

before we have any idea

of what is really going on.

The story about a situation

you didn’t realize you were in.

The song you write

that helps you later in life.

The impulse purchase

that comes in handy.

The feeling that a storm

is just around the corner.



Completely vanished.

Not there.




Just Hiding.


Silly turtle was completely buried in her dirt today. I swear I ran my hand over every inch of her bin. Then I start searching the room, completely at a loss as to how she could have gotten out. Check her bin again. She was right there. Dang thing.