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Is nothing

as exciting

and fulfilling

and real

as a dream

on the horizon?

Simple Truths


just a snooze button barrier

preventing them from

becoming reality-

but I keep hitting snooze


(so I can keep dreaming)


the feel of the air,

harshness of light,

the tone of the day

all new,


with just the opening

of the door.



Just maybe,

you’re hearing me,

seeing things,




Have you ever


to think?


But no,

perception is reality,

so we must be in Wyoming.


Sobering Thoughts

A strangling grip

must be maintained.



if the glass fell

and spilled,

that would be alcohol abuse

and she

would still be sober.

Nighttime poetry

I’ve been having really strange dreams for about a week now. People from College mixed with Katniss Everdeen (no I have not seen the 2nd Hunger Games movie yet) and being turned into a stone statue, and being trapped on an island, and spiders biting my toes (turned out to be my kitten) and all sorts of weird stuff.

So I haven’t been super excited to go to sleep the last few nights, and so I end up turning my light on about 10 times after I’ve turned it off to write down to-do lists, play with apps on my phone, and occasionally write a poem or two. Here’s one:


I stared into the fire

that had been eating

at my heart

“What the hell do you know?”

it screamed,


of heat melting my face.


“Absolutely nothing”

I spat,

smiling at the ensuing steam.

Never Before


how you don’t notice

a brand new sensation

until it’s not new anymore.


Not until reminiscing

do you realize

you haven’t felt this way forever.


Or ever before.

Maybe that’s weird.

It probably is.

Because you’re human.

Girly Grin

Just a few little comments,

a loving gaze,

and a perfect kiss

are enough to keep


a girly grin

on a girly face

for a very long time.

Escape Artist

Wide eyes,

nodding head,

not perfectly still,

but not fidgety either.

Pleasant responses,

acceptable body language,





worlds away.


Forget those illusions,

your dreams

that don’t align with what your

waking mind wants and craves.


For dreams may be reflections

of waking thoughts,

but they can be as twisted

and ill-conceived

as drunken ideas

and other moments of genius

shrouded in insanity.


That is to say,

that dreams can bear juicy peaches

or poisonous berries.



So don’t follow your night visions

simply because they exist.

Just as you wouldn’t follow a drunkenly conceived lifelong plan

simply because you were intoxicated when it occurred to you.


Measure those thoughts,

weight them for what they’re worth.

And don’t be afraid to forget.