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“Life’s too short babe, time keeps flying, I’m looking for baggage to go with mine”


I’m not a hoarder,

but trinkets do clutter my room,

and random items

do accumulate in my closets

and corners

much like memories

compile themselves

in the recesses

of my head.


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Why do we choose the people we want to keep in our lives?

Is it because we want them? They’re fun, useful, entertaining, attractive.

But what happens when we stop wanting those attributes?

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In a poetry class my junior year of college, we studied a bunch of random forms of poetry. This is the triolet. It has a very specific rhyme scheme/line repetition pattern, so you actually get very few words to be creative. But it’s fun to see how the lines work together in the circular structure that emerges.

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Gothic Women’s Liberation Meeting

gothic castle

A couple of years ago I took a gothic novel class. It was really fun, because you could tell it was a class the professor cared about and truly enjoyed. Because of this, the students were able to enjoy it as well. Our final project was to take at least two characters from at least two different novels we had read and make them interact. I wrote a short scene with a bunch of the women in the books.

In gothic literature, women are most often put into one of two categories; the angelic woman or the demonic woman. The angelic woman is innocent, dull, and needs men to think for her. She is easily victimized and if she does not meet ruin it is because of a man saving her.

The demonic woman does not submit to men. She is overbearing, often set on world domination and prone to violence. She is the reason that women must be tamed and cannot be trusted. She is often used as a case for denying women education.

The one exception to this rule is Mina Harper, from Dracula. She is smart and capable of reason and logical thought, but uses her knowledge to help her husband, so is neither the demonic or angelic archetype.

I thought it would be interesting to put a bunch of these very different women together at a woman’s lib meeting and see what happened. This is the result. Read the rest of this entry