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It’s crazy but it’s true

I do believe I have created a Christmas Eve Tradition. I have spent tonight going through my stuff trying to consolidate my belongings, organize papers (which really just means walking down memory lane) and listening to Straight No Chaser-esque music on Pandora. Its a pretty good night.

This is despite my aching knee, which I scraped after slipping on the ice earlier.

The phrase “my aching knee” makes me sound old.

Have a great night everyone, and be safe tomorrow!

It’s a funny way to make ends meet

You know how sometimes you have a song stuck in your head, but you don’t know what it’s called or who sings it? Well, thanks to advertising, I often find I have that “It’s a funny way to make ends meet” song stuck in my head. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well here it is:

The Gossip- Heavy Cross

Yeah, so I’m not a perfume person, but I do love the Dior commercial that features the above song.

I love the song, which I had never listened to completely until 3 minutes ago, but the visuals are pretty great too.

Also, the way the singer says “You” is so weird that you could imagine it being “Dior”.

Very good choice. Bravo advertisers who made that decision.

I often wonder what order certain commercials are conceived in. Did the Nationwide marketing team start with the idea that people baby their cars and then try to find the perfect song? Or did they see “Love is Strange” on a list of options they could afford and work from there?

Anyway, those are my rambles for the evening. I’m going to stop watching so much tv soon. Seriously.

Wake me up when it’s all over

Avichii’s “Wake me Up” featuring Aloe Blacc on vocals is definitely one of my recent obsessions. I love the mixture of EDM and country, and I read a review calling it “Mumford and Sons on speed”, which admittedly, I would probably enjoy listening to.

I love the music, which is Avichii’s doing, but Blacc does a great job on the vocals as well, which he wrote.

The first half of the first stanza is purely feelings about being young and inexperienced in the world: Read the rest of this entry

Procrastination exists

I should blog more. I should do a lot of things more. I did actually write down a bit of a story the other day, but it was mostly autobiographical and not of stuff that I wanted out on the great big internet. But I am reading more, and with that comes the inspiration to write more.

You’d think because I’m not writing at work very often, I’d write more at home. But of course that procrastination thing that rules my life gets in the way.

Oh well, lots of exciting stuff going on, and all of it pretty boring.

But I’m going to a Sarah Bareilles concert on Sunday, with One Republic and Serena Rider! I’m super excited!

Tomorrow I’ll write you a poem, but for now, I leave you with the words of One Republic:

Everything that drowns me makes me want to fly.


I bring you a song

And it’s sung from the heart,

though you can’t hear my words

this text is a start.


I’m just making stuff up now. But I’ve always loved to sing, and this first year + out of college is the first time that I haven’t been involved in some sort of choir. I think it’s definitely affecting the amount of sentences I turn into songs. My pets probably think that I’ve lost all ability to talk normally.

My commute home every day is a solid 40 minutes of rocking out to whatever’s on the radio. If there are commercials everywhere, I give in and plug in my iPod. I seriously need to update my iPod though. There are songs on there that I skip every single time they come on.

Anyway, music is still a big part of my life, as it is for a lot of people. I received a guitar for my birthday in December, and can count the times I’ve played around with it on two hands. I think that that will be my end of year goal. Learn to play guitar. That way I can turn the little diddies I make up into complete works. Also, it will get me creating music again, and who knows, maybe I’ll join a choir or band that needs a guitarist. First thing’s first though: learn those dang chords.


Alternate Ending to “Lady of Shalott”

In my recent requests for blogging topics, wordcoaster suggested that I create an alternate ending to a poem I love. It took me a while to choose a poem, but yesterday I was watching a cooking show that took place in Paris. The host was cutting a certain type of onions, which I refer to as SHALL-uts, and she called shul-OTTs. This reminded me of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem “The Lady of Shallot”. (Shalott rhymes with Camelot)

This poem has had a lot of allusions made to it in popular culture. In Anne of Green Gables, Anne acts out the death of the Lady of Shalott. This is also reenacted in the video to The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young.” It was actually when watching the video for that song that I ended up reading the full poem for the first time and discovering the song “Shalott” by Emilie Autumn. This song is one that I love, and I think puts a great dark imagery to the poem.

In line with wordcoaster’s challenge, I re-read the poem and decided to continue it in the same scheme and style as Tennyson. Below is the result. Read the rest of this entry

Repeat. (lai la lai)

So, yesterday on my drive home, I decided I was not in the mood for the radio, and I put my Ipod on. The song that had been on the radio had reminded me of “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance. That is the only My Chemical Romance song I really know and definitely the only one I own. Most of why I love it so much is it reminds me of “Come Sail Away” by Styx. After all, they both start off slowly, with piano, and then get faster after the intro. “carry on” is a phrase used prominently in both songs. I don’t know if Styx is one of MCR’s role models, or if they like the song, or if it’s all a coincidence, but I do know that both songs garner an emotional response.

Anyway, after playing “Welcome to the Black Parade,” I scrolled through my artists to decide on what to listen to next. I didn’t have to go far. Mumford and Sons. Perfect. I started them off on random, but decided I wanted to listen to their cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”. Read the rest of this entry

The Music

The music is loud. It almost hurts my head.

I leave the volume as is.

It drowns out the world, my own mind even.

It leaves room for nothing but the best thoughts,

the ones that deserve to be written down.

And then Panic at the Disco ruins my focus with humor.

Oh well.

Liszt Luffes teh Womens!

Today I found out a very good friend is moving back to the area in a couple months! I couldn’t be more excited and it got me thinking about some of the great times we’ve had together, most involving one form of ridiculousness or another. In high school, we were in music appreciation together. We loved the class for many reasons. Our choir director taught it and he was amazing. Learning about classical composers was surprisingly entertaining. And of course, we spent most of the course writing notes and giggling back and forth.

The way our teacher taught music history was amazing. He emphasized the good parts. Chopin was a sickly, frail creature in love with a large woman named George. Schumann was completely emo. And Franz Liszt was the rockstar of the piano- and a complete manwhore.

Liszt was notorious for his affairs with women, and women just threw themselves at him. We were all into saying things ridiculously, so “Liszt luffes teh Womens” became a mantra of sorts. It’s most of why he’s one of my favorite composers- that and the fact his pieces are awesome.

Do you have a favorite classical composer? What are some fun facts you know about them?