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Here is the piece I promised yesterday. Hopefully you enjoy it, because I went to a lot of trouble to find it. 🙂

I sit here, just as I sat yesterday and the day previous. They say they want to help me. I don’t need help. They intend to fill my head with lies. How locking me up would get me to trust them is beyond me. I’m not crazy; I think I would know that better than anyone. Besides, even a nutcase could tell that they’re not real doctors. Real doctors don’t snatch people from their homes. This has to do with Rick; I know it does. He must be on the verge of solving his latest case and they’re holding me for ransom. I just don’t know how he’s going to save me this time; their practice could look legitimate from the outside. Rick would never believe I’d gone mad, but it may be difficult to get police involved. But if they are holding me ransom, they will have to reveal that this is all a ruse. They have to tell him they’re keeping me until he stops investigating. Read the rest of this entry