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The pressure builds,a choice to make.
The right one known
the step,
hard to take.

Because once stepped,
it cannot be undone,
but it’s the right choice
there’s more than one.

And though the world
is not black or white
or even grey,
but versicolor
and full of light,

sometimes a choice
just stirs inside
until you take that jump,
that leap of faith,
and let the pressure subside.


“Oh my dreams, get stranger every day, in every possible way” The Cranberries (revised)

Turns out I messed up that quote, but I like the way I have it. Anyway, the dreams I had between pressing snooze and getting out of bed this morning were quite strange. I dreamed of hanging out with a collection of friends who are currently spread out across the country before going to work. We were hanging out in a downtown area, going to assorted coffee places and ice cream shops. At one of them, a guy in line started asking about my blog because a friend was wearing a t-shirt promoting it. Then the cashier started talking about how he wished I did more updates.

Also, random people were walking by my house and texting me.

Overall, some strange dreams, and all it did was make me want a frou-frou coffee drink, a chocolate cupcake with bacon on it, and t-shirts for my blog.

Have a great day everyone!


“Darkness is a harsh term don’t you think? and yet it dominates the things I see” – Mumford and Sons

Light and Dark,

Good and Evil

Why do we need such clarifications

and juxtapositions.

Is it possible that everything just is?

After all,

“good” is often a matter of perspective.

It can change.

Be seen in different ways.

Is anything real?

Does it matter?


If eyes are the windows to the soul,
then it would follow
that you shouldn’t trust
who look better
in sunglasses.

And a lot of people do,
particularly guys.
But they look that good
because they are hiding their flaws.
and when the flaws lie within the soul,
and the person hides it,
or not,
it’s best to just stay away.


“I had a heart then, but the queen has been overthrown” – Ellie Goulding

Some might say I’m heartless,
and I can’t say they’re wrong
because pining for love
and adding meaning to things
that just happen,
are just part of this life..
that’s not me. Not right now.

So maybe I’m a bit cold;
maybe I’m lost as well
but I’m making this journey
and doing it my way
and they can all go to hell.


Actions speak louder than words, the old trope goes.

Some actions are audible.

Like a sigh.

Life is lived through volumes of sighs. Read the rest of this entry


Why do we choose the people we want to keep in our lives?

Is it because we want them? They’re fun, useful, entertaining, attractive.

But what happens when we stop wanting those attributes?

Well I guess people do shift in and out of each others’ lives all the time. Read the rest of this entry

Blog Updates!

Hey everyone!

I know that updates have been sporadic again. I’ll see what I can do to fix that. I did finally write a few posts and put them in the queue, so let’s just hope I can stay caught up.

This post isn’t about excuses though, it’s about new stuff! I got all of my link pages updated, so you can more easily explore my old posts. Most of them even have descriptions now!

I want to do something where people can request that I write a poem or story centered around a certain word, idea, or topic. I might even make a contest or something out of it. I’m not sure exactly how it will work, but if you’d like to request a poem or story, for now just use the comments below!

That’s all for now! Hope all is well in all of your corners of the earth!


A trap laid, perhaps not conciously,
but deadly just the same.
And when evaded, more spring up,
these more obvious,
more intentional.

These traps are questions.
Questions with a wrong answer
and a right one,
in your mind, at least.

And unless I give you the answer you want,
you plague me with more questions,
trying to lure me to where you wish I was.

These traps can’t be escaped,
not completely.
Instead, they must be spotted,
avoided, and ignored.




But should that stop the journey?

Perhaps that road to nowhere leads

to a road to somewhere

worth going.

But why should it?

It never has before.