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One thing that has been irking me a lot lately is poor communication.

When someone is mad at you but won’t talk to you about it.

When someone tells you something hoping for a specific reaction, but not outright asking for what they want.


Friend “I’m going to the lake later.”

Me: “Cool.” Read the rest of this entry

Give and Take

This year is already shaping up to be great- I have a lot of fun plans with friends, and some solid plans for paying off my student loans. I’m finally going to see my best friend after over two years of living in far-away states. So far I’ve approached this year organized, motivated, and optimistic.

My main focus in my planning has been paying off my debt without making my life focus “money”. I’m going to lessen miscellaneous expenses, but not at the cost of not spending time with the people I love. I’ll just seek to do so in budget-friendly ways. Read the rest of this entry

Good Choices I’ve Made Recently

Lately I’ve been trying to procrastinate less, be less lazy and focus on my health. These are things I’ve done in the last two weeks that have been beneficial decisions toward these goals:

I haven’t had any coffee this week. The last two weeks I had had it pretty much every day at work. I’ve been thinking I needed to stop drinking it so much, especially since I add so much cream and sugar to mine, but I didn’t really make a concious decision. I just said “I think I’ll have tea” on monday, and then tuesday did the same. Wednesday was a little more difficult since I was really groggy, but I decided it was worth it to keep the trend going.

I deleted the facebook app from my phone and downloaded the wordpress app. This way, when I’m using my phone just because I’m bored, i’m using it to read and comment on other people’s posts. Consequently, I’ve read more articles, stories, and poems this week than I had in the 2 months prior. This in turn gives me inspiration and ideas or my own posts.

I started taking lunches to work again. Recently I’ve just been snacking throughout the day, and I know that’s not good. Yay for eating on a regular basis.

I downloaded a pedometer app onto my phone so that I can better track how active I am throughout the day. Surprisingly, on days I work, where I sit in front of the computer for 10 hours, I walk more than I do on my days off. This is due to the fact that when I take breaks at work, I make it a point to walk around. At home, I never really think about getting up and moving around. Now that I’m more aware of this, I can figure out how to best combat it.

I’m pretty proud of myself for making some good choices lately. How about you? Make any good decisions or break any bad habits recently?

Structured Procrastination


I can get a lot done as long as I’m using the tasks I’m completing to put off something else. A professor at Stanford in the 90s wrote a humorous essay about structured procrastination, where he stated that procrastinators could still be high achievers, they just needed to complete important tasks as a method to procrastinating tasks that are even more important.

I’ve always been a procrastinator, and I definitely like to be lazy sometimes, but I’m also a pretty motivated person. I want my family and friends to be proud of me, I want people to know they can count on me, and mostly, I want to make sure I accomplish something with my life.

Procrastination can definitely be a hindrance to feeling like I’m doing anything with my life. After working a 10 hour day, I usually feel like I’ve accomplished enough. I’m perfectly happy vegging out for the rest of the night. I have no problem spending at least one day of my 3 day weekends lying in bed. I feel like I’ve earned it. And there is a lot going on online, which means a lot of times, I’m at least accomplishing becoming aware of issues (or keeping up with some social media fad).

I often come up with projects I want to complete. I have a bin full of craft items that might be destined for neglect. I have a variety of interests – cooking, music, writing, reading, loom knitting, the list goes on. The problem is, once I decide I want to complete a project, it becomes an obligation. But not an obligation that I need to complete for someone else; those I honor. This is more like something that I now am required to do, and when I’m at home vegging, I don’t like being required to do anything. Here are some examples of things that I really want to do but keep putting off: Read the rest of this entry



Is nothing

as exciting

and fulfilling

and real

as a dream

on the horizon?

Simple Truths


just a snooze button barrier

preventing them from

becoming reality-

but I keep hitting snooze


(so I can keep dreaming)

It’s crazy but it’s true

I do believe I have created a Christmas Eve Tradition. I have spent tonight going through my stuff trying to consolidate my belongings, organize papers (which really just means walking down memory lane) and listening to Straight No Chaser-esque music on Pandora. Its a pretty good night.

This is despite my aching knee, which I scraped after slipping on the ice earlier.

The phrase “my aching knee” makes me sound old.

Have a great night everyone, and be safe tomorrow!

Middle Ground

We often see life in extremes;

an experience will be perfect

or it will end the world.


But perfection is unachievable

and life goes on

despite disasters.


Life happens in the middle ground;

Perhaps expectations should live there as well

Kitten Kisses

A fuzzy ear,

a damp nose,

a sleeping girl no longer.

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“Life’s too short babe, time keeps flying, I’m looking for baggage to go with mine”


I’m not a hoarder,

but trinkets do clutter my room,

and random items

do accumulate in my closets

and corners

much like memories

compile themselves

in the recesses

of my head.


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