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Supporting STEM in Portland Schools

My good friend is a teacher at a title one elementary school next to the college I attended. She just created a donorschoose campaign to raise money for STEM learning materials for her second graders. You can see the details here.

If you haven’t heard of donorschoose, it’s a crowdfunding site focused on raising money for teachers. All projects are verified through the site, and sometimes (like for this project), they match donations.

So if you have five extra dollars to support children learning science, technology, math, engineering, and math, then you’re actually helping them get $10 closer to their goal (as long as you donate before June 1st)!

Thanks for reading, please donate if you like, and if you can’t, think about sharing the link to the donorschoose page.


Give the Gift of Reading!

my friend Kelsey’s classroom really needs reading-level appropriate books for the kids. Donorschoose is a great organization where you can help teachers get materials they need for their classrooms. Check it out and donate if you can!

Thinking in poems


“WHAT? What’s wrong? Opal rushed in the room where Thomas was studying.

“Mom, this is dumb. Why do I have to write this essay? No one cares about the technical aspects of a plant’s life cycle anyway.”

“Oh really? What about biologists like Aunt Jane? I think she cares.”

“But she already knows all this stuff. I want to write stuff for regular people who look at plants, or maybe animals, or just whatever’s around.”

“What do regular people who look at plants want to read?”

“About the color of the leaves, and if it’s a flower, the petals. About the smell it leaves in the air around it. About the way its roots dig into the Earth.” Read the rest of this entry

Intertwining Storylines

The lonely, pale apple hung from the tree as all the children reached for its brighter, more appetizing counterparts. Sharlene, a girl of eight years old, looked up at the tree, stretching her small head as far back as it would go, and decided she would be the one to get the apple at the very top. She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and scrambled to start her ascent.

As the lone apple longingly watched her climb past, it felt a tickle in its skin. A worm was coming to visit! The apple did not mind the worm’s invasive presence, as it so deeply longed for company. Perhaps the worm would stay the night in the burrow it had created. Nights were so much warmer with a friend. Read the rest of this entry