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Supporting STEM in Portland Schools

My good friend is a teacher at a title one elementary school next to the college I attended. She just created a donorschoose campaign to raise money for STEM learning materials for her second graders. You can see the details here.

If you haven’t heard of donorschoose, it’s a crowdfunding site focused on raising money for teachers. All projects are verified through the site, and sometimes (like for this project), they match donations.

So if you have five extra dollars to support children learning science, technology, math, engineering, and math, then you’re actually helping them get $10 closer to their goal (as long as you donate before June 1st)!

Thanks for reading, please donate if you like, and if you can’t, think about sharing the link to the donorschoose page.


Nitpicking Issues- Reading Rainbow

I’ve been reading articles about a lot of different issues lately- feminism, sexism, discrimination, recent shootings, whether or not sports teams should change their names- there are a lot of topics that a lot of people disagree about out there.

I’m not a super political person, so I can usually see both sides of an argument. I also can (and do) point out flaws I find in arguments. And though I usually stay out of comment threads, because, trolls, lately I’ve been forming a lot of opinions that I feel comfortable sharing. Some of these are on the issues; but more often they are on the execution of the argument.

Pointy headed Nit Pickers

Today, I saw the video for Levar Burton’s kickstarter for the “reboot” of reading rainbow. I loved reading rainbow as a kid, and I think that the overall idea of the campaign is cool (because who would argue with getting more kids excited about reading?). But I have a few issues with the execution. Read the rest of this entry

Supporting Storytime

My friend Kelsey is a teacher at Faubion Elementary in Portland, Oregon. This school is near my college, and many of my friends have done student teaching here. It’s a title 1 school with a high poverty level.

Kelsey teaches 1st grade and like me, has a love of reading. She tries to impart this passion to her students, but currently group instruction time is on a cold, hard floor. Kelsey has started a campaign using DonorChoose in order to get a carpet purchased and installed in their classroom. If you have a passion for reading, education, or children, and want to donate, you can do so here

Every little bit helps!

Thanks everyone!