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Coming up!

You may or may not remember that I’m working on an anthology project with some friends! It’s been a long journey, and the group has shrunken and grown many times. But we’ve put together a collection of fairytales, myths, and fables, and after many many months, we’re finally down to the wire!

Our collection, “Across the Threshold” is set to be released November 29th in a variety of e-book and physical formats. I will provide more information as the date draws nearer, but know there’s lots of fun in store!

My contribution is a fun take on the wishing star, who I’ve dubbed Cecilia. Can’t wait to share our stories with all of you! Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll keep you up to date on details!


Once Upon a Time isn’t the first work of fiction to combine many fairytales. It’s not the first to put fairytale characters in the modern day. Fairytale retellings and re-imaginings have run rampant for years.

And because of this, it makes me wonder. If it were to be revealed tomorrow that we’re surrounded by magical beings, from fairytales or mythology- immortal little girls who steal from bears. werewolves. vampires. fae.

Would it be that surprising?

Which is probably the train of thought that has started every modern day fable.

Stay tuned next year for the release of my first novel, little red goldilocks fights a vampiric werewolf. Instant classic.