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Alternate Ending to “Lady of Shalott”

In my recent requests for blogging topics, wordcoaster suggested that I create an alternate ending to a poem I love. It took me a while to choose a poem, but yesterday I was watching a cooking show that took place in Paris. The host was cutting a certain type of onions, which I refer to as SHALL-uts, and she called shul-OTTs. This reminded me of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem “The Lady of Shallot”. (Shalott rhymes with Camelot)

This poem has had a lot of allusions made to it in popular culture. In Anne of Green Gables, Anne acts out the death of the Lady of Shalott. This is also reenacted in the video to The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young.” It was actually when watching the video for that song that I ended up reading the full poem for the first time and discovering the song “Shalott” by Emilie Autumn. This song is one that I love, and I think puts a great dark imagery to the poem.

In line with wordcoaster’s challenge, I re-read the poem and decided to continue it in the same scheme and style as Tennyson. Below is the result. Read the rest of this entry