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Sobering Thoughts

A strangling grip

must be maintained.



if the glass fell

and spilled,

that would be alcohol abuse

and she

would still be sober.

Somebody That I Used to Know

The party had disbanded a bit. The two druggies had left. The party girl had left to go to a bar, where she was hoping to get some action.

All that was left was Sophie and her friend Paige, other than Sean, who was hosting the party, his brother, and a friend whose name Sophie couldn’t recall.

Party girl had been trying to keep Sophie and Sean apart all night. “He’s only trouble.” “He’s drunk.” “He’ll flirt with anyone.”

Sophie knew all this was true, but she didn’t care.

So, each time she went to the bathroom (she’d made the mistake of “breaking the seal” a few hours ago), she hoped that Sean would be waiting for her when she emerged.

But this time, just like the last time, he wasn’t there. Sophie turned the corner from the hallway into the living room and was met by the sight of Sean marching across the room toward her. He had grabbed her hand and pulled her back into the hallway before she realized what was happening.

“Oh!” She uttered, her mouth and brain catching up with the times. He laughed as he leaned down and kissed her.

Roadtrips and Pool

Roadtrips and pool have something very important in common.

They both are full of innuendos.

Not that the average 20-something mind isn’t full of those anyway.

Anyway, I always blast my music pretty loudly in the car, especially on long trips. And pool is commonly played in bars, also accompanied by loud music.

But pool is played by a lot of people while drinking. And of course drinking and driving should never mix. Even on golf courses.

You can’t have a roadtrip without some decent snacks, and you can’t spend too much time in a bar playing pool without ordering some appetizers.

What other connections can you find?