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Simple Truths


just a snooze button barrier

preventing them from

becoming reality-

but I keep hitting snooze


(so I can keep dreaming)


Forget those illusions,

your dreams

that don’t align with what your

waking mind wants and craves.


For dreams may be reflections

of waking thoughts,

but they can be as twisted

and ill-conceived

as drunken ideas

and other moments of genius

shrouded in insanity.


That is to say,

that dreams can bear juicy peaches

or poisonous berries.



So don’t follow your night visions

simply because they exist.

Just as you wouldn’t follow a drunkenly conceived lifelong plan

simply because you were intoxicated when it occurred to you.


Measure those thoughts,

weight them for what they’re worth.

And don’t be afraid to forget.


“Oh my dreams, get stranger every day, in every possible way” The Cranberries (revised)

Turns out I messed up that quote, but I like the way I have it. Anyway, the dreams I had between pressing snooze and getting out of bed this morning were quite strange. I dreamed of hanging out with a collection of friends who are currently spread out across the country before going to work. We were hanging out in a downtown area, going to assorted coffee places and ice cream shops. At one of them, a guy in line started asking about my blog because a friend was wearing a t-shirt promoting it. Then the cashier started talking about how he wished I did more updates.

Also, random people were walking by my house and texting me.

Overall, some strange dreams, and all it did was make me want a frou-frou coffee drink, a chocolate cupcake with bacon on it, and t-shirts for my blog.

Have a great day everyone!