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number jumble

At work the other day the subject of golden birthdays came up. For those unaware, your golden birthday is the birthday where your age matches the date’s number. My golden birthday was my 21st. Supposedly, this means that my 21st birthday had the potential to be even more awesome than it would have been anyway, being in the U.S. and now legally able to drink.

I don’t know where the tradition of golden birthdays came from, but it’s some sort of “luck” superstition. We as people seem to be attracted to things that are mysteriously “good luck”. That supposed outside and unexplainable influence on our lives is comfortable.

At work, the discussion moved to favorite numbers for a second. It didn’t last long, as many of us didn’t think that something as banal as favorite numbers was worth harming our now closely monitored productivity. But the guy who had started the discussion told us that his favorite number was 24, presumably because that was the date of his birthday and would be his golden birthday.”Well, I really like 11 and 15 too…”

Though the conversation didn’t continue, I thought about my favorite number. It is 32.5, because when I was in 7th grade and decided my favorite number was, I didn’t want something as predictable as a whole number. I wrote that number everywhere. I doodled it on class notes. I don’t know why it was special, but it was. Read the rest of this entry