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Never a Car

“I do not!”

“Oh, you sooo have a type.”

“Not really. I mean, Shawn was tall and muscular, and Tom was kind of scrawny, and Rick was blonde, and Joey had red hair. I could go on. All the guys I liked had completely different looks. I have no type.”

“Okay, maybe you don’t have a physical type, but think about the things they had in common.”

“Nooo, they were all different.”

“Ok, Sheila. How do you feel about smoking?”

“you know I hate it.”

“How many of them smoked.”

“Umm…. just cigarettes?” Read the rest of this entry

Thinking in poems


“WHAT? What’s wrong? Opal rushed in the room where Thomas was studying.

“Mom, this is dumb. Why do I have to write this essay? No one cares about the technical aspects of a plant’s life cycle anyway.”

“Oh really? What about biologists like Aunt Jane? I think she cares.”

“But she already knows all this stuff. I want to write stuff for regular people who look at plants, or maybe animals, or just whatever’s around.”

“What do regular people who look at plants want to read?”

“About the color of the leaves, and if it’s a flower, the petals. About the smell it leaves in the air around it. About the way its roots dig into the Earth.” Read the rest of this entry


“Why me!?!” the thin blonde woman lamented to the sky. “WHY?”

“Why not you?”

Jessica jumped and turned to look around. A few paces away, a man with hair the color of coffee stood, walking toward her.

“What?” Jessica sneered defensively. “you don’t even know what I’m talking about. I don’t deserve what is happening to me.”

“And someone else does?” Read the rest of this entry

Party in a Pack of Pabst

“Duuuudde! I am sooo wasted!”

“Dude you’re going to be wasted. That guy is so drunk he won’t even taste you. You’ll probably end up mostly on the floor.”

“Daaang. Hey, who’s that sweet looking thing across the fridge?”

“Oh don’t try talking to her. That’s one of ’em wine cooler chicks. She probably thinks she’s cooler than you.”


“Excuse me? Are you speaking of moi? I am not a wine cooler! I am a hard lemonade! I can be enjoyed by all types, not just lightweight blondes”

“Well come on over here so I can enjoy ya, sweet thang!”

“…. sorry, I’m into beers with more… body.”

No More Potatoes

So, not doing so great on the writing challenge so far. Fairy tale still in progress, and I’ll have to post my fanfic for day #2 at a later date, so you’ll get an extra post one of these days. But I did manage to write a story for today’s prompt, which is: Write a story that takes place pre-1950s. It’s short, but it’s a post. 🙂 It’s set during the potato famine, which I’ve always wanted to write about, with two characters I’ve wanted to follow for a bit. This is just a dialogue between the two; hopefully I can expand it into a story one of these days. Read the rest of this entry