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Somebody That I Used to Know

The party had disbanded a bit. The two druggies had left. The party girl had left to go to a bar, where she was hoping to get some action.

All that was left was Sophie and her friend Paige, other than Sean, who was hosting the party, his brother, and a friend whose name Sophie couldn’t recall.

Party girl had been trying to keep Sophie and Sean apart all night. “He’s only trouble.” “He’s drunk.” “He’ll flirt with anyone.”

Sophie knew all this was true, but she didn’t care.

So, each time she went to the bathroom (she’d made the mistake of “breaking the seal” a few hours ago), she hoped that Sean would be waiting for her when she emerged.

But this time, just like the last time, he wasn’t there. Sophie turned the corner from the hallway into the living room and was met by the sight of Sean marching across the room toward her. He had grabbed her hand and pulled her back into the hallway before she realized what was happening.

“Oh!” She uttered, her mouth and brain catching up with the times. He laughed as he leaned down and kissed her.

Never a Car

“I do not!”

“Oh, you sooo have a type.”

“Not really. I mean, Shawn was tall and muscular, and Tom was kind of scrawny, and Rick was blonde, and Joey had red hair. I could go on. All the guys I liked had completely different looks. I have no type.”

“Okay, maybe you don’t have a physical type, but think about the things they had in common.”

“Nooo, they were all different.”

“Ok, Sheila. How do you feel about smoking?”

“you know I hate it.”

“How many of them smoked.”

“Umm…. just cigarettes?” Read the rest of this entry