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Nitpicking Issues- Reading Rainbow

I’ve been reading articles about a lot of different issues lately- feminism, sexism, discrimination, recent shootings, whether or not sports teams should change their names- there are a lot of topics that a lot of people disagree about out there.

I’m not a super political person, so I can usually see both sides of an argument. I also can (and do) point out flaws I find in arguments. And though I usually stay out of comment threads, because, trolls, lately I’ve been forming a lot of opinions that I feel comfortable sharing. Some of these are on the issues; but more often they are on the execution of the argument.

Pointy headed Nit Pickers

Today, I saw the video for Levar Burton’s kickstarter for the “reboot” of reading rainbow. I loved reading rainbow as a kid, and I think that the overall idea of the campaign is cool (because who would argue with getting more kids excited about reading?). But I have a few issues with the execution. Read the rest of this entry