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New Header!

Hey All! You might notice that the top of my blog looks better! That is all thanks to Anthonie from Randomandunheardof! He took my vague ideas and made them into an awesome header, so go over to his site and check out his other work.

Anyway, I love the new look, and will probably make a couple other changes with my color scheme to follow suit. Have a great rest of your day everyone!


Blog Updates!

Hey everyone!

I know that updates have been sporadic again. I’ll see what I can do to fix that. I did finally write a few posts and put them in the queue, so let’s just hope I can stay caught up.

This post isn’t about excuses though, it’s about new stuff! I got all of my link pages updated, so you can more easily explore my old posts. Most of them even have descriptions now!

I want to do something where people can request that I write a poem or story centered around a certain word, idea, or topic. I might even make a contest or something out of it. I’m not sure exactly how it will work, but if you’d like to request a poem or story, for now just use the comments below!

That’s all for now! Hope all is well in all of your corners of the earth!