Building Strong Financial Habits After Acquiring Large Debt

I’ve talked before about how I dislike much of the financial advice out there because it assumes that your debt is the result of irresponsible spending. Most people I know are in debt because of two things: education and home ownership. We are in a world where these things are touted as important status symbols and steps toward success, but they are not accessible for most people. Read the rest of this entry

Idaho’s Gaps in Early Education

A few weeks ago, I attended Activate! an event at Payette Brewing to connect people with local activist organizations. I talked with a guy from Idaho’s Association for the Education of Young Children. This led to me doing some research about the state of early childhood education in Idaho. You can read about what I found on Idaho’s Promise, in my article: Setting Our Kids Up for Failure: The Lack of Early Childhood Education in Idaho


Some Nuances of Online Education

Today, it’s possible to learn the basics of almost any subject online. Some universities even offer free courses, helping increase accessibility to learning content online from valid sources. Online learning isn’t limited to self-education, however. In the last two decades, more and more universities have started offering online degree programs. As with any change, there are people who love the idea, and people who hate it. Below are some of the issues surrounding online education. Read the rest of this entry

Planning a Thrifty Dinner Party

I love to host dinner parties and brunches with my friends. Lots of us are on budgets, so we have lots of experience keeping costs low while making the meal something that doesn’t seem “cheap”. Check out my tips at the iShopthrifty Blog!

The Many Ways to Keep your Family Healthy

Everyone’s family is different, so keeping your family healthy will be an individual journey no one can spell out for you. But I’ve got some fun tips to help out at pantry paratus! Check it out!

Pregnancy Hormones: More than Just Mood Swings

There are a lot of misconceptions about pregnancy out there, especially when it comes to how hormones affect your body. Check out my article about different conditions caused by hormones during pregnancy on!

What You Should Know When Replacing Kitchen Counters

Everyone has their own dealbreaker on a new house, and for many people, it’s the kitchen. If you’re looking to sell your home in the next few years, improving your kitchen is one of the renovations that could pay off. Counters are one of the most common renovations, and there’s a lot to consider when replacing your countertops. Read the rest of this entry

Birth Control Side Effects

I wrote an article about how birth control and knowledge of side effects (or lack thereof) has affected my life and those of women around me. Check it out on!


The Surprising Difficulty of Choosing Children’s Furniture


Being in my mid-twenties, I now have a lot of friends with children of varying ages, and it always surprises me how involved every single aspect of parenting is. My friends are criticized for working, then they’re criticized for staying home. They’re told they don’t spend enough time with their friends anymore, but also shamed for taking advantage of people’s offers to babysit.

It’s no surprise that parenting is tough, but sometimes difficulties and stress come in surprising places. Like decorating. Choosing children’s furniture is a very involved process. First and foremost, you have to consider safety. Cribs and carseats have safety standards, but once you get into big-kid beds, or finding chairs that they can get into but won’t topple over, but also gives them room to grow, things get complicated.

Read the rest of this entry

Kindred by Octavia Butler


Science Fiction and Historical Fiction are both genres that I’ve always enjoyed but never become super invested in. I really like what I’ve read, but I won’t become obsessed with the genre and dedicate myself to 20-book world-building sci-fi series. So when I was reading a profile about Octavia Butler and her book Kindred, I was immediately interested. A one-off about a woman from the 70s who is transported through time and space to a slave plantation in the 1800s? That sounds amazing!

And it was.

I don’t want to spoil a lot. But I will say this is a great look at a lot of different aspects of America’s history pertaining to slavery. It shows different peoples’ perspectives of the time, and shows how people can become accustomed to just about anything if they need to do so to survive. It also shows how book-knowledge of a subject doesn’t necessarily translate to a real-world understanding. It questions judgements that people make about people in certain situations. It also highlights the dangers of going back in time for anyone who isn’t a white man.

Just a note, some people qualify this as science fiction, because that is largely what Butler wrote. She argued with that designation, because it has very little science in it. But it does involve (unexplained) time travel, so I would probably consider it at least of interest to those who like science fiction- as not all science fiction explains the science necessary for the fiction to happen.

Overall, this was a great book and I will definitely be reading more of Butler’s work.