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My Etsy Shop is Live!

I’ve finally started an Etsy store! Check it out for scrabble ornaments, thread spool bottle stoppers, and thread spool magnets! I’ll also hopefully be adding more items soon!

Dairyairhead on Etsy

How to Keep Craft Supplies From Becoming Clutter

On my ever-evolving journey to finally keeping my craft room organized, I’ve been writing organization tips to help you all learn along with me! My latest post is on Home Key Organization! Check it out and learn how you can keep collecting craft supplies without becoming a hoarder!


Those of you who have been following for a while know that I’ve been planning my wedding. Well, it finally happened and it was wonderful! The day rushed by, and everything was beautiful! It was a great party with family and friends, and then Michael and I went on a much-needed honeymoon in the San Juan Islands!

It’s pretty weird not filling my days with wedding planning, but I’m gearing up for Holiday Bazaar season, stocking up on craft inventory and making a few new products! My goal in the next couple of months is to get some quality photos taken and finally start my Etsy shop!

Hope all is well in your worlds, and I’ll probably post some pictures of San Juan Islands Wildlife soon!

Featured on The Flaming Vegan!

Hey all!

I published an article about probiotics on The Flaming Vegan, and was just informed that it’s been chosen to be featured on their homepage! Check it out, along with some of their awesome recipes while you’re there!

Introducing Visiting Friends to a New Wine Region

Image Source: Megaprint Custom Cut-outs

As some of you may know, I’m getting married in October in my home state of Idaho. My maid of honor currently lives in Arkansas and has never spent a long time in Idaho (we met in college in Oregon). She’s going to spend two weeks with me before the wedding and I’ve been looking for fun, affordable ways to introduce her to the things I love about my state. I found a great list with information for people moving to or visiting Boise, and I plan on taking her to some of my favorite hangouts. Of course, one of my favorite things to enjoy is wine, so below I have some tips for introducing visiting friends to your local wine region and having great bonding experiences in the process!

Winery Tours

Winery Tours are a great way to try the best wine a region has to offer, especially when you can hit several wineries in one afternoon.  Idaho is home to the Sunnyslope Wine Trail, which includes 15 wineries throughout Idaho’s Snake River Region. This makes it easy to hit 3 or 4 wineries in an afternoon, enjoy some tastings, and see the variety that the area has to offer. I’ll be visiting Bitner Vinyards, Hat Ranch Winery, and Hells Canyon Winery with my Maid of Honor. Bitner Vineyards is home to a wine called “Menopause Merlot” which tastes as sassy as it sounds. I’m excited to introduce Bethany to all the personality that Idaho wine has to offer!

Free Tastings

Wineries aren’t the only places to try wine. The Co-op in the town I live has bi-weekly wine tastings from Weston Winery, and sometimes some other wineries join in too! There is also a brew store that has weekly tastings. They usually focus on beer, but they’ve been known to pop a cork or two. Now that her visit is just around the corner, I’m scouring the web and papers for events that include wine with the price of admission.  When this is the case, it’s almost always local wine that is featured.

DIY Tastings

Of course, you don’t have to go anywhere to drink wine (and if you don’t have a designated driver, you shouldn’t)!  Since I’ve really gotten into wine this year, I’ve thought about investing in a wine rack tasting center where I can keep my wine, glasses, and other utensils. I’ve talked to some of the winery representatives that I’ve met and received some awesome pairing recommendations. So I’ll load up on some fancy cheeses, get my cute little cheeseboard out, and we’ll have a girl’s night in, exploring the local wines in the comfort of my living room. I even plan on getting some locally-produced goat cheese and some farm-fresh apples.

My maid of honor has always preferred small towns and farm regions to big cities, so I think she’ll love my focus on local wine and produce while she’s here! Do you have any tips for introducing traveling friends to your local wine region? Share in the comments below!

More Brunch Wine Pairing Ideas!

The team at Layer Cake Wines has posted an article of mine specifically about wine and food pairings for home brunches! Beware, this article will make you hungry! Check it out!

It’s Time for Fall Brunches!

If you haven’t noticed, brunch has really been my thing this year. So I put together some fun autumn-inspired brunch ideas and shared them on Wining Wife! Check it out!

Some Organization Tips

The more I use my craft room, the more I need to organize it. I’m contantly cleaning and organizing and reorganizing to better fit my workflow and prevent my craft supplies from exploding all over the room. Here are some tips I wrote out for Cozy Little House!


I also had a piece published over the weekend on Sabrina’s Organizing, about how to organize a functional home workspace. Check it out!

One food bank is saying no to junk food


Image Credit: Pixabay

Everyone deserves to be able to eat healthy, including the homeless. The Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) is trying to solve this growing issue.

According to the CDC, The U.S.’ obesity epidemic is growing at an alarming rate. In America, a lot of food is high in sugar and trans fat, yet is unregulated by the FDA. That’s why despite the fact that they’re cheap and easily accessible, The CAFB ultimately decided to turn down donations that would make people sick in the long run. Read the rest of this entry

More Bridesmaid Ideas

I’ve published another piece, this time with some fun non-traditional bridesmaid gift ideas! Check it out at!