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Since I’m not Writing

This is the answer to yesterday’s prompt. Check out my last two posts to learn about the writing challenges I’m posting. I hope you give the prompts a try as well, and share what you write!

The point of these challenges is to improve writing skills, which starts with getting past everything that keeps you from writing. The first thing I’m going to address is the physical activities that distract us wannabe writers. Tomorrow we’ll talk about fear. The following scene is an enactment of one of my pet-characters doing what she and I do best: procrastinating.

I’m so excited that I have the house to myself for once, Sophie thought to herself on the drive home. I am going to get so much writing done! I’m going to write some short stories, and some poems, ooh! and I can work on my book idea! Maybe I’ll outline it! Or I can just write a chapter or two! 

So here’s the game plan. Once I get home, I’m going to make a quick dinner so I don’t forget to eat, and then it’s straight to work. I won’t write very efficiently while I eat though, so I’ll watch a little bit of tv. just a half hour. 

Sophie walked into the house feeling confident in her ability to be productive. Then one tv show while eating turned into 2 hours of some stupid sitcom. Then… My shoulders are so sore. I could really use a bath. Maybe I’ll do some reading while in the tub. Reading’s just as important as writing. I’ll write a quick poem while the water runs. 

So while the tub water ran, she checked facebook and her email. Then..

This water is soooo nice. I’m just going to soak here for a while. And now my hands are all wet… I’ll just read later.

So Sophie went to bed 45 minutes after she planned to and got absolutely nothing done.

Somebody That I Used to Know

The party had disbanded a bit. The two druggies had left. The party girl had left to go to a bar, where she was hoping to get some action.

All that was left was Sophie and her friend Paige, other than Sean, who was hosting the party, his brother, and a friend whose name Sophie couldn’t recall.

Party girl had been trying to keep Sophie and Sean apart all night. “He’s only trouble.” “He’s drunk.” “He’ll flirt with anyone.”

Sophie knew all this was true, but she didn’t care.

So, each time she went to the bathroom (she’d made the mistake of “breaking the seal” a few hours ago), she hoped that Sean would be waiting for her when she emerged.

But this time, just like the last time, he wasn’t there. Sophie turned the corner from the hallway into the living room and was met by the sight of Sean marching across the room toward her. He had grabbed her hand and pulled her back into the hallway before she realized what was happening.

“Oh!” She uttered, her mouth and brain catching up with the times. He laughed as he leaned down and kissed her.

Nature’s Breath

Cicily sat at the top of the mountain, writing in the journal that Brian had given her.


Why had things gone so wrong?

Well, nothing had gone wrong really, it just didn’t go right.

How was she ever supposed to give her heart to someone and stay her own person?

Maybe she just wasn’t meant to fall in love.

Looking out at the trees below, Cicily felt a bit of peace. This was the real world. Not that city mess that she needed to escape from every weekend. This.  Read the rest of this entry

Sweet Tea

Something was… off. The tea was supposed to have herbs and spices, but this just didn’t taste right. Coriander usually went with orange spice decently well. Maybe the problem was the sage. Yeah, there was way too much sage in this tea.

Brittnee sippped the tea, trying to pretend that it tasted good. After all, she was trying to heal things with Cindy. Complaining about her homemade concoctions was not the best way to mend fences.

“How’s Sally?” Brittnee asked. The surest way to make a mother forget a grudge is to ask about their little monsters. Read the rest of this entry


It’s Sophie!

I don’t think I’ve posted anything with Sophie in it yet, but she’s a cool character. I’ve had several large stories in mind for her, but haven’t managed to write any of them yet. So for now, Sophie gets little snippets every couple of months when I miss her.

And Poor Sophie, I always seem to give her guy problems. I guess that’s life.

I feel like kind of an ass for flaking on you. Sorry!

Sophie looked at her phone and rolled her eyes. Matt was such an idiot. He was the one who had wanted to hang out on his last night in town. She didn’t really care one way or another, but he had said “I’ll let you know tonight’s plans” and then she had held off making other plans, only to be ignored and spend the night at home alone.

Well you kind of are, but that’s ok. Have a good trip back to school!

Wow… harsh.

What? That wasn’t that harsh. Plus, he was the one that had said it. She had just agreed. If he was looking for her to say he wasn’t, that just wasn’t going to happen.

Guys are such idiots.

If only girls weren’t too.


“Why me!?!” the thin blonde woman lamented to the sky. “WHY?”

“Why not you?”

Jessica jumped and turned to look around. A few paces away, a man with hair the color of coffee stood, walking toward her.

“What?” Jessica sneered defensively. “you don’t even know what I’m talking about. I don’t deserve what is happening to me.”

“And someone else does?” Read the rest of this entry

You’re laaate

The journal I used to edit for had a writing contest and the theme was “down the rabbit hole”. I was the judge, and I got to read some amazing stories written by some talented students.It got me thinking about Alice and Wonderland, and this is what transpired.

“You’re late, you’re late. for a very important DAAAAaaaate” Said the rabbit.

“No. I’m not!” Alice barked.

“Weeeellll Soooomebody’s defensive” sneered the rabbit. “Guess that answers the question of how far you and Keith have gone.”

“SHUT. UP” Alice locked herself in the bathroom, but the rabbit just slid under the door.

“You know, all you have to do is pee on a stick. It’s not that hard. You can even buy them at the dollar store.”

“I am NOT buying a dollar store pregnancy test. Besides, I am not late. I think I felt a cramp earlier. Stop nagging me. I have a few days before I need to worry.”

“Well I don’t know why you’re mad at me,” the rabbit tittered. “You’re the one who conjured me up.”

Alice stared at the rabbit until he vanished, sighed, and sunk to the floor, shaking.

Party in a Pack of Pabst

“Duuuudde! I am sooo wasted!”

“Dude you’re going to be wasted. That guy is so drunk he won’t even taste you. You’ll probably end up mostly on the floor.”

“Daaang. Hey, who’s that sweet looking thing across the fridge?”

“Oh don’t try talking to her. That’s one of ’em wine cooler chicks. She probably thinks she’s cooler than you.”


“Excuse me? Are you speaking of moi? I am not a wine cooler! I am a hard lemonade! I can be enjoyed by all types, not just lightweight blondes”

“Well come on over here so I can enjoy ya, sweet thang!”

“…. sorry, I’m into beers with more… body.”

In the wind

Maggie pushed her way through the gusting air back to her truck. The sand-colored vehicle stared at her as if to say “what took you so long? I’ve been waiting forEVER”

“Hush, you silly truck. I was only gone for a minute. You’d rather me pee in there than in you, wouldn’t you?”

Sandy just looked at her disapprovingly.

Maggie sighed and turned the key in the door.

After situating all of her possessions so that she could drive without something falling on her and could almost see out of her rear view mirrors, Maggie backed Sandy out of the gas station parking lot and started out on the road again. Moving cross country was so far not the adventure she had imagined.

As she waited at the turnoff for the freeway, a movement caught her eye. Off to the side, a plastic bag was drifting along, moving faster than the cars on the on-ramp. She had seen garbage on the side of the road for the whole trip. People’s inconsideration was really pissing her off.

Once on the freeway, Maggie unwrapped the sandwich she had bought at the pit stop and cranked up the radio. At least she had good company on this solitary roadtrip.

A yellow sticky note caught on the wind soared past her windshield.


Yes I’m late; I’m very late. but it’s not important, nor a date. This running behind situation I’m in will have no greater bearing on my life or well-being than if I was early, which is usually the case.

If I had left when I planned, right now I’d be sitting, staring at my phone, trying not to nap, wondering if it was too early to go inside.

But as it is, I will walk in; a few people will ask why I’m late; most won’t notice.

And life will go on. As I look back on this day, I will not remember I was late, just like I would not remember if I was early or on time.

So I’m just going to breathe the stress out and keep driving.

Because really, that’s all I can do.