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Middle Ground

We often see life in extremes;

an experience will be perfect

or it will end the world.


But perfection is unachievable

and life goes on

despite disasters.


Life happens in the middle ground;

Perhaps expectations should live there as well

Kitten Kisses

A fuzzy ear,

a damp nose,

a sleeping girl no longer.

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A Night for a Novel

“Anything worth doing can be done in one night”

writing paraphernalia

She fluffed her pillows.

She plugged in her laptop.

She set her coffee,

her water,

a tissue box,

the radio remote,

a pen,

and a notepad

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“Life’s too short babe, time keeps flying, I’m looking for baggage to go with mine”


I’m not a hoarder,

but trinkets do clutter my room,

and random items

do accumulate in my closets

and corners

much like memories

compile themselves

in the recesses

of my head.


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are those who grow

without being stunted

less immune

to coffee?


leaf on groundAlways strong.

Never wavering.


by reality

and doubts

and other nonexistent entities.

Yet leading nowhere

as usual.


On the ground:



crumbling at a single touch,

coating the earth

with a variety of oranges, yellows, and reds.

The leaves of fall,

beautiful even in death.

Star Child

You might think that a child of the night

would bring darkness

to the world around it.

But that created in darkness

can fill a need.


For what is the most noticeable thing in the night sky?

The stars.

Why are cities beautiful at night?

Lights: neon, flourescent,

all over.

like so, products of dark times

do not need to be an extension of that darkness,

but can function as light

for others.


Just that little bite,

inside a bite,

a jolt of flavor,

reminding you

that even things that are necessary

can be fun.


Is life a box

where we are confined,

only allowed small snippets

of the world as a whole?


Or is life the world as a whole,

where we inhabit only a small space

not because we’re boxed in,

but because we choose to stay where we’re comfortable?