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Communication is difficult. Not only do you have to work up the courage to explain yourself to other people, but you basically put it in good faith that they won’t misunderstand what ou are saying. Since we use words to communicate and all words were manufactured by other humans, it can be difficult to get meaning across.

Take religion, for instance. You might discuss the existence of a higher being. Even though two people might say they believe in God, they might have drastically different opinions about who this god is and how they function.

Same goes for love. Some people don’t believe in love. I think most people do, but what does that mean? There are a lot of opinions on what love is. Love is often seen as perfect. When you love someone, you put their needs ahead of your own. You want what’s best for them. But you also have to love yourself. Because if you put others ahead of yourself all the time, that’s seen as unhealthy.

Romantic love is extremely difficult to pin down. Is it about chemistry? Is it pre-ordained? Is there a spark? Do we control who we love?

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, but I do know that even if we don’t control our emotions, most of us are capable of controlling our actions. In this way, we can show love to others when they need it, and even if it may not be an exclusive love or an approval of a person’s choices, we can love them as a fellow human being, wandering through this world trying to find answers just like everyone else.

What is love to you? Is there a difference between familial love, general love for humanity, and romantic love? Or are they all the same thing, presented in different scenarios?

Airhead Friday Intro

So when I remember that I have a blog and goals to post on it regularly, I pay pretty close attention to the stats. Maybe staring at the numbers of people viewing my blog make me feel like I am working on it. I don’t know why, but I do like looking at the stats, figuring out if I can narrow down how many of my visitors were people I know, and the like. I also pay attention to the search strings that people find me through (I do work in SEO after all), and people have found my blog using some interesting terms. I remember a couple special ones: “poetry with the word airhead in it”, “short airhead poem”, the turkish phrase for “real phoenix” (I do have a Phoenix poem), “I don’t mind being an airhead” and more.

And then of course there’s that search term blog owners love to see “unknown search terms” or “other search terms” both of which usually show up together and glare at you saying “nyah nyah nyah, I’m not telling!”

Recently I finally sat down and played with Google Webmaster tools, hoping I could see a few more of the search terms. What’s cool is that it shows the search terms see your site as an option for, not just the ones that they used to get there. So you can see which term you’re ranking for and which ones  cause people to actually click through to your site. There were some interesting terms that I showed up for. The most interesting to me were ones that involved parts of my site’s name. Here are a few that I looked up to see what they were: Read the rest of this entry


Completely vanished.

Not there.




Just Hiding.


Silly turtle was completely buried in her dirt today. I swear I ran my hand over every inch of her bin. Then I start searching the room, completely at a loss as to how she could have gotten out. Check her bin again. She was right there. Dang thing.



I’m Baaaack!

I know it’s been a while, but I have been avoiding my computer. Something to do with the ten hour work days on the internet, I presume.

Anyway, today I came back to my blog and what did I see? Only 5 spam comments! I guess when I don’t post, the robots visit my blog less! Too bad real people do too, go figure.

One of these messages informed me that the commenter cogitated that my blog was very good. That spinner had a great vocabulary.

I’ve been cogitating a lot lately though. Well, kind of. I have short bursts of deep thoughts that I never really return to. Moral questions,  speculation on my life goals, etc. No conclusions of course, because there are probably no conclusions to be had. Whether I decide on a goal or not does not necessarily affect whether I complete that goal.

Anyway, lots of thoughts, but not a lot of reading and writing has been done. Let’s see if that can change over this four day weekend.


We all play parts,

so many, so varied,

but part of me

just wishes I could be a whole-

no more parts,


but I guess then the search

for the other pieces

would be done..

And what would the point be then?


Are secrets and lies the same thing?

Obviously not, from a pure definition standpoint.

But they do work well together, don’t they?

Lies help conceal secrets,

and therefore secrets often lead to lies. Read the rest of this entry

The End of an Era

So I was talking to a friend the other day who was sick and had taken some pretty strong meds to get through the day. He said something about his insides going through an apocalypse and that reminded me of this poem I published in my school’s literary journal my senior year of college. If you’re opposed to reading about bodily functions, you probably won’t enjoy it. Anyway, here it is: The End of an Era. Read the rest of this entry


The pressure builds,a choice to make.
The right one known
the step,
hard to take.

Because once stepped,
it cannot be undone,
but it’s the right choice
there’s more than one.

And though the world
is not black or white
or even grey,
but versicolor
and full of light,

sometimes a choice
just stirs inside
until you take that jump,
that leap of faith,
and let the pressure subside.


“Oh my dreams, get stranger every day, in every possible way” The Cranberries (revised)

Turns out I messed up that quote, but I like the way I have it. Anyway, the dreams I had between pressing snooze and getting out of bed this morning were quite strange. I dreamed of hanging out with a collection of friends who are currently spread out across the country before going to work. We were hanging out in a downtown area, going to assorted coffee places and ice cream shops. At one of them, a guy in line started asking about my blog because a friend was wearing a t-shirt promoting it. Then the cashier started talking about how he wished I did more updates.

Also, random people were walking by my house and texting me.

Overall, some strange dreams, and all it did was make me want a frou-frou coffee drink, a chocolate cupcake with bacon on it, and t-shirts for my blog.

Have a great day everyone!

New Header!

Hey All! You might notice that the top of my blog looks better! That is all thanks to Anthonie from Randomandunheardof! He took my vague ideas and made them into an awesome header, so go over to his site and check out his other work.

Anyway, I love the new look, and will probably make a couple other changes with my color scheme to follow suit. Have a great rest of your day everyone!