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Storing Your Wine in Style!

Since I started making bottle lamps, I’ve stopped throwing away wine and liquor bottles. This quickly led to an unwieldy amount of bottles cluttering up my craft room. Luckily, my fiance is awesome and found a great deal on a wine rack at a thrift store. It holds almost 100 bottles!

If you’re looking for ways to store your wine (or just the bottles), check our this article I wrote for Uncorked Ventures!


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Halloween CarIt’s Halloween, and those in U.S. States that adhere to Daylight savings get an extra hour to add to the late night/early tomorrow fun. I’ll probably be in bed already by that time, but an extra hour of sleep is nice too.

Tomorrow I plan on hitting the craft and specialty stores in the area for discounts on Halloween treats and decor. It’s my partner’s favorite day for home deco shopping, and it’s also the best day of the year to buy Christmas gifts for my roommate from college (she loves skulls).

Anyway, other than that, I’m spending the weekend preparing for my first ever craft fair! I’m selling lamps made of liquor and wine bottles, scrabble tile Christmas ornaments, and homemade bath fizzies! I plan on sharing pictures of these items in the coming days, so you can see what I’ve been up to! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Duct Tape Purse (Because I’m Awesome)

My friend Mell has never been much of a purse person. She keeps her phone,  keys, ID and money all in one place: her bra. I’m jealous she can get away with it. Anything extra in my bra sticks out like an obvious rectangle in a tiny bra.

Anyway, she recently decided she wanted to start carrying a purse around, for water bottles, books, and other things she needs that don’t fit “up there.” She didn’t want something huge, and she didn’t want to pay a bunch, so for her birthday, which was right after thanksgiving, I decided to make her a duct tape purse. I wanted to do something personal, and she’s always liked duct tape wallets, so I looked up patterns and tutorials. Since her favorite color is green, I thought a green-and-black checkered pattern would be the way to go. It turned out great!

Green and Black Duct Tape Purse

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