Not Sure What to Gift? Flexible Options to Consider

This article has been contributed by freelance writer, Sally Perkins.

Gift giving is often a good way to express your goodwill towards friends and loved ones. However, a lot of people can be difficult to shop for. Around 53% of people receive gifts that they don’t want, based on data by Finder. So on that vein, what should you keep in mind when you’re buying gifts for difficult people?

Consider the Message

Buying a gift can be difficult if you don’t really know the person you’re buying a gift for. When seeking a gift for an acquaintance rather than a friend, it’s important to consider the message you’re inadvertently sending. For example, you should try to avoid giving gifts like food as you may not know what they’re allergic to, says Phoebe Waller of Bustle. Other gifts you should avoid include jewelry, perfume, and exercise equipment as they can imply the wrong thing.

What’s Convenient for You?

Today’s world can be hectic and it can be hard to find time to buy gifts. This is why the advent of the internet is incredibly helpful in this regard. In fact, 75% of Americans purchase their gifts online, based on CNBC’s All-America Economic Survey. So if you’re aiming for something convenient, you may want to take a look at available options like subscription boxes. Not only are they convenient but they come in various categories. Another great thing about subscription boxes is that it’s actually the type of gift that keeps on giving as your loved one will receive a package on a regular basis.

Practical Gifts

When you’re not sure of what gift to get, it’s always good to ground your decision-making in practicality. Choosing a practical gift can reflect both thoughtfulness and attention to what they may need, says Hannah Dylan Pasternak of Self. Some good examples of practical gifts are those that they can use in their homes or in their workplaces like storage or a bottle opener. Practical gifts are good as they are normally functional and useful. So they do not have the potential to be inappropriate and end up inadvertently offensive.

Gift giving can be tough but it doesn’t have to be excruciating. Yes, there will be people that are difficult to shop for but it can be manageable with careful planning. All you have to keep in mind is that the gift that you choose should best represent your thoughts and esteem and you’ll be fine. Always take your time when choosing gifts for difficult people and the task just may end up an enjoyable one.

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