Starting a Craft Business- What are you Forgetting?

In today’s “two jobs and a sidegig” economy, more and more people are selling handmade goods. Craft fairs, holiday bazaars, and niche festivals are booming, as are online platforms for sellers to get their handmade goods to larger audiences.

Despite the resources that exist, selling your crafts online is still a process that requires  a lot of steps. It’s not like you can just make your product and instantly have money for it. Here are a few details you’ll want to make sure you’ve considered if you’re planning on starting a craft business.


If you’re selling your crafts online, having high-quality images is a must. But taking good pictures of your products can be harder than it sounds. You have to have a decent background, good lighting, and possibly, staging.  If you have small items, it’s possible you can take a close up on a basic background. But if you’re selling large items, you’ll have to set up a staging area where the surroundings complement your product.


When you create an online listing for your products, you’ll have to fill in the size and weight information for shipping to be calculated. If you’re using a platform like Etsy, there are default shipping options available. But depending on the platform you’re using and shipping in your area, you might want to look into what reliable fast delivery services are most affordable in your area.


You’ll need to keep track of your sales to calculate taxes owed at the end of the year, both for income tax purposes and to make sure you’re paying the sales tax required in your state. Online sales historically have been taxed on an honor system by the customer, but those laws are changing in many states, and sellers are being held accountable for collecting sales tax. Be sure to check out the laws in your area to ensure you’re meeting your legal obligations.

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