Will Bots Create Writers?

With the popular “I made a bot watch 30 hours of random show/content and here is what they wrote” meme, it seems like a long time until bots will be able to replace writers. Bot-content is often stilted and unnatural. But, like any profession, it’s important for writers to consider how technology will shape their future employability.

Already, people wince at paying for writing services. Bloggers often offer their services for free or for exchanges of favors. Editors are asked to comp their services because people don’t value the skill behind the work.

But the truth is, quality writing will never die. Succinct, quality writing will always be necessary to communicate. Companies need quality content to connect with consumers. People need well-written explanations of what they can offer to others. Sure, bots may take on some automated tasks of sending and scheduling outreach, social media posts, and more. But there will always need to be a human writer involved with content creation if humans are the target audience.


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