Addressing Unexpected Health Concerns

No matter how healthy of a lifestyle you live, it’s likely you will one day experience a major health concern. Human bodies are not meant to last forever, and it is extremely easy for outside forces to cause great damage in a short period of time. This could range from a physical accident to exposure to harmful substances, to mutation of cells in your body. Below are some common and uncommon health concerns that pop up unexpectedly and some tips on how to prevent and address them.

Side Effects

Pharmaceutical companies and doctors are legally required to reveal the side effects of any medication you’re taking, but there is a lot that gets lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Often, if doctors have decided that you truly need the medication, they will sweep through the side effects rather quickly. Sometimes, companies misrepresent the side effects, like when they said taxotere would cause temporary hair loss, but it resulted in permanent baldness.

It’s important to always get a complete list of the side effects of your medication, both verbally so you can ask questions, and in writing so you can verify with your own research later. If you experience side effects that you were not expecting, talk with your doctor, establish whether the medication was the cause, then switch medication if possible. If you were not informed of the side effects, you may have legal recourse to get compensation for being misinformed and given harmful medication.

Declining Eye Health

Eye health is something we don’t often pay attention to unless it’s regarding screen time. Unfortunately, conditions like glaucoma have few early symptoms and damage to vision is irreversible once done. The best way to combat eye problems is to see an eye doctor annually. As someone with glasses, this is something that often feels superfluous, as everything is always fine, and the appointment goes quickly. But sometimes they catch early signs of glaucoma and other serious conditions.

It’s also, of course, a good idea to limit your screen time and give your eyes breaks from the stress that screens and other sources of blue light cause.

Physical Injuries

The human body is both amazingly resilient and frighteningly fragile. At any moment, a fall, crash, or another physical event can happen that causes serious injury. Of course, doctors and physical therapists are a great resource for physical injuries. It’s also important to take care of your mental health. If you’ve lost the ability to perform tasks that you love or that were essential to your daily routine, you’re likely to experience depression, anger, and perhaps confusion and lack of motivation. It’s important to be aware of your reactions, validate them, and seek help. Seeing a therapist, confiding in friends, and looking for advice from people who have experienced similar circumstances can be helpful. You can also find motivation in discovering new ways to accomplish certain tasks and new hobbies to fill your time with.

Health concerns are never fun to deal with, and when they pop up unexpectedly, they can affect your life in multiple stressful ways. Have you experienced unexpected health struggles? Share your experiences in the comments!

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