Things to Consider Before Remodeling

Right now, my husband and I are planning this next year’s projects for our home. We need to replace our garage door, which currently our cats can run through because a panel is missing. We need to replace all of our basement windows, as they leak when it rains, and we’re losing a lot of heat through them. We also need to repaint our outside trim and adjust the gutters so that water doesn’t leak down into our foundation.

As we plan these projects, we’re trying to take everything into account so we don’t have to re-do things in 3 years. Below are some things we’ve learned during our research.

Think about The Order of Projects

We were thinking about replacing our carpet, but we also know that repainting our walls is on our “within the next five years” list. Since furniture moving will be required for both projects, we’re considering painting first, then putting on the carpet and baseboards, all in the same week or so. This will definitely be a summer project, as we don’t want to be moving furniture out of our house in the cold and wet seasons.

Another thing when it comes to the order of events is the kitchen and bathroom. Leaking pipes should always take first priority. Many people remodel their kitchens and bathrooms without taking the opportunity to re-pipe their plumbing. If you have outdated plumbing, this could result in having to tear up some of your new remodeling when a pipe has issues. If you’re remodeling, any room, it’s always best to consider whether you want to take the opportunity to update plumbing, ventilation systems, and electricity. Making those changes before you remodel will save heartache later.

Prioritize Your Projects

There will always be home projects for you to do. Figuring out which ones to prioritize can be tough. We’re choosing based on how the renovations will affect our property value, as well as what affects us most daily. Having the basement windows fixed will definitely improve our daily lives when we’re in the basement and not freezing. It will also keep more bugs out of my office and craft room. Fixing the trim and garage door are important projects that could affect our ability to keep our house insurance down the line. Figure out where your priorities lie and plan your order of projects accordingly.

Make it Fun

House projects aren’t really what my husband and I live for. We don’t mind them, but they’re not the most fun activities we can think of. So we find ways to make them fun. When we replace the windows, we’ll have punk music playing and some nice treats baking as a reward. When we do painting, we’ll likely make it a party with friends. When we organize our laundry room, we’re going to paint some fun goofy designs.

What are your home project tips? Share in the comments!

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