Reclaiming Your Spirituality

This article has been contributed by freelance writer, Sally Perkins.


Spirituality is exactly what it says on the tin; focusing on your own human spirit. Spirituality isn’t necessarily religion, and an increasing amount of Americans describe themselves as spiritual as opposed to religious. So, what is spirituality? How can you ‘gain’ it, what’s it good for? Basically, what is it that these people describing themselves as spiritual and involving themselves in spiritual practices see?

Spirituality And Your Health

Spirituality is an esoteric concept but, really, it only means anything when you consider it as a person, yourself.

One major positive impact that spirituality can have on your life is in relation to your health. Physicians for thousands of years have paired mental wellbeing and spirituality. Western medicine has arguably reduced the emphasis on spirituality and mental well-being ahead of physical ailments, but it’s very important to focus on your mind. Research has shown a link between improved mental health and spirituality and then a further link showing better mental health means better overall treatment.

How To Find Spirituality

Spirituality, at its base, has typically been about interpreting the world around us. Curious children might wonder how on earth plants, rocks, landscapes and animals just came to be – who created them, who designed them. This is often where religion steps in, but in that sense it’s really just an extension of spirituality. 

It follows, then, that a great way to regain your spirituality is to try and connect with nature. There has been a swell of interest for these types of breaks in America, with the Appalachian Trails boasting spiritual pedigree. If you opt for these sorts of trips yourself, just relax in the environment and consider the seen and unseen; view nature as a whole, and consider your part in it.

Developing Spirituality

Going to nature to find spirituality is well and good but most of us aren’t equipped to remain permanently in a rural wilderness. This means that spirituality often takes a back seat as we take up the fast-paced and difficult nature of modern life, with constant interruptions from work, responsibilities and digital distractions.

The way to spirituality in your day-to-day life is through your everyday actions. Slow down, primarily; take note of every action in your day-to-day life, control your emotions as you see fit and spend plenty of time acting introspectively. A lot of these techniques are found in THE concepts advocated for by mindfulness, a helpful spiritual tool.

More people than ever are describing themselves as spiritual, and there has never been a better time with our lives and health often hard-pressed by the responsibilities swirling around us. It’s accessible, easy, and can be cost-free; and can get you a wonderful connection with nature in the process.

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