Organizing Cupboards

My husband and I are pretty good about keeping our home clean. He keeps the kitchen pretty spotless (so I have something to mess up when I cook), and does the laundry, while I tend to focus on keeping the crap (okay, MY crap) from piling up in the common rooms. If my craft-room mess is contained to the craft room, we’re looking pretty good.

But there are definitely places in our home that suffer from lack of organization. Our bathroom shelves are pretty disheveled, with body care products thrown up there with no regard for order. We also have a couple of “junk drawers” in our kitchen that are pretty frustrating to dig through when we’re looking for miscellaneous items.

But the most frustrating example of disorganization in our home is one cupboard in our kitchen. This is a low cupboard where we keep pots, slow cookers, baking bowls, and casserole dishes. This is a corner cupboard, so it fits a lot, but it’s difficult to access items in the back. Unfortunately, since most of the items in this cupboard are high-use items, this results in a high rate of turnover for the items in the back. Nothing’s ever in the same place twice in this cupboard, and it seems I weekly have to take everything out and put it back in neatly to prevent the items from falling out. However organized I am in this process though, I always have to do it again the next week.

I’ve come up with a couple different options for how to fix this problem. I could re-arrange most of our cupboards and put the least used items (like our giant roasting pan we only need once a year) in the back. Our other cupboards are pretty item-specific though, so I feel it would result in a less organized kitchen overall.

I could see if there are any items we need to get rid of, freeing up space, but I don’t think that’s likely to expose the amount of room I need.

I’ve seen some fun DIY kitchen organization solutions. This cupboard organizer made of wooden dowels might be effective in keeping things from shifting around so much in the cupboard. I’ve also seen a lot of fun DIY shelves and racks that could be put on my one blank kitchen wall or against the side of the cupboards. I saw someone hang a towel bar behind their over to keep lids out of the way. Maybe a few of these solutions could be combined to result in less digging around for the right pan and weekly reorganizing that I currently have to do.

Any suggestions? Share in the comments!

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