Three Secrets to Productively Working from Home

This is a guest post, written by Debbie Rosemont, Certified Professional Organizer. You can see her bio below the post, but first here are some great tips she wrote about working productively in a home office!

For some of us, working from home is a daily occurrence. For others, it is an occasional possibility. Whether you work from home as a routine, or telecommute periodically, there are benefits and challenges that you’ll encounter. A few of the benefits are that you can work in your PJs, save time on your commute, and can attend to personal tasks throughout the day, as well as to your business.  A few of the challenges are that you can work in your PJs (dressing professionally may help us feel more “serious”, dedicated or focused on our work), don’t have a commute (for some, that commute helps them separate home life/tasks from work and vice versa), and can attend to personal tasks throughout the day, as well as to your business (shiny personal objects competing for your attention as well as shiny business objects).

Here are three strategies we recommend for maximizing your work time from your home office:

Tip #1 Resist the temptation to do household work:  Mixing your work-work with your house-work can make you less efficient and slow down progress on your goals.  If you’ve blocked out time to work on your business, make sure you’re making the most of that time by avoiding small tasks like tossing in a load of laundry, opening the household mail, or reorganizing the pantry.  Several small tasks can add up over your work day. Save these tasks for the beginning or end of your day, or even during a (dedicated) lunch break – essentially before or after your work is done.

Tip #2 Turn off the TV, XBOX, YouTube, Facebook, etc.:  Get what you want out of the time you have blocked off for work by eliminating common background distractions like having the TV on.  Having such things in your field of vision makes it too easy for your eyes to wander away from your inbox, project or report and onto your favorite sitcom. Consider taking 10 minute breaks for each 50 that you work to browse the web, check updates on Facebook, or watch a “just for fun” clip on YouTube, but make sure to limit the break and then turn the media off when you return to work.

Tip #3 Keep your work on schedule:  Block time on your calendar that is specific to your work-related tasks and appointments. Stick to those blocks by using reminders and timers. Make your workday schedule specific by working off a task list, or honoring blocks of time on your calendar for work tasks and stay focused on those things for that specific block of time. Take a little time each week to plan your work week, identifying your priorities (what few tasks, if I accomplish them this week, will help me accomplish my business goals), scheduling in time to work on them, and a little time in for fun as well.

Here’s to your organized and productive life!


Debbie Rosemont, Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant, started Simply Placed, in 2003 to help clients increase productivity, maximize efficiency and bring balance and control into their work, homes and lives. Simply Placed associates work with individuals and businesses to create effective organizational systems, clear clutter, successfully manage time, focus on priorities and achieve goals. They help people work smarter, not harder, to increase their bottom line and peace of mind through consulting, hands-on organizing, and group training. They can be contacted at 206-579-5743 or


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