One food bank is saying no to junk food


Image Credit: Pixabay

Everyone deserves to be able to eat healthy, including the homeless. The Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) is trying to solve this growing issue.

According to the CDC, The U.S.’ obesity epidemic is growing at an alarming rate. In America, a lot of food is high in sugar and trans fat, yet is unregulated by the FDA. That’s why despite the fact that they’re cheap and easily accessible, The CAFB ultimately decided to turn down donations that would make people sick in the long run.

“With so many of those we serve struggling with diabetes or heart disease, we have a real moral imperative to improve our food stream,” says Nancy Roman, the CEO and president of CAFB.

CAFB’s decision came when Roman saw a recent wave of donations made almost entirely of junk food. To describe it loosely, Roman said it was like an “incredible exploding warehouse of sheet cakes.”

As of September 1, 2016, the CAFB no longer accepts donations such as candy, baked sweets, soda, and many other products that are made up of similar ingredients.

The food bank will work closely with two major retail contributors, Shoppers Food and Pharmacy Bob Gleeson, in order to provide healthier meals to anyone in need. Currently, the organization provides 45 million pounds of food every year to half a million residents in DC and its suburbs.

Perhaps influential food mediums should take a cue from CAFB’s initiative in making people eat healthy. The Food Network TV channel, in particular, needs to show people healthier substitutes than the usual white sugar and butter they use in many recipes by celebrity chefs.

Additionally, games need to be more sensitive in presenting material to people. People of all ages play video games and food-themed titles that can make people crave for food. Thankfully, there are games now that send out the right message that healthier food is the way to go. Nintendo’s game Personal Trainer Cooking shows how people can easily create gourmet food the healthy way. Additionally, online gaming site Spin Genie also has a lot of food-themed games that promote healthier eating. Win Sum Dim Sum is a perfect example, with the game filled with delicious steamed food that has been prepared without the use of frying in oil. With these mediums reaching the mainstream, other forms of content should also promote healthy eating, and maybe America’s obesity epidemic could finally turn a corner.

According to Vox, the reason why many people decide to spend money on unhealthy food is because they struggle to pay for more expensive fresh ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables. This is why the CAFB is trying hard to change things by giving people with less money and resources access to the best food possible.

This is a guest post. The content was reviewed and approved by me to make sure it meets the quality and message of my blog.


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