I Finally Have A Business!


I’ve been talking for years about starting a business, and I finally have one! It’s not a freelance writing or editing business or a marketing company (though I am still working toward something like that someday). It’s a craft booth!

Yes, I’ve been making bottle lamps like the one above for about 2 years now, and now I’ll be selling them at the Nampa Farmer’s Market! My friend Tanya is sharing the booth with me, selling handmade hula hoops and salad planters. We have decided to sell under the name, Full Circle Crafts. Here’s our facebook page– we still need to make a logo and get some better photos up, but we’ve got a great start!

The Farmer’s Market has been super helpful so far in giving great tips to vendors for marketing our booths. They had a workshop with all the tax information, marketing tips, and other information we need. The Secretary of the Farmer’s Market Board said something that really stuck with me. “You are all small business owners. This may be a hobby, but you are selling items you created. You are a business, and you need to market and sell like one.”

The market starts next week and I am super excited. The market board is super supportive of its vendors, and I’m sure I’ll create some great relationships with fellow business owners. I’ve already gotten some great advice from people who have had booths for years.

In preparation for my booth, I’ve started reading more articles with business advice. Sure, a lot of them are craft fair specific, but I also find articles with advice for startups super useful. For example, this article offers some great tips on launching a startup, like seeking out mentors and always looking to innovate and improve.

Since I’ve been reading so much about booth marketing, my next post will be specifically about how we’re choosing to set up our booth, and what we’re doing so far to market.


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