Car Standards

Carhenge, NE

I took this photo at “Carhenge” in Nebraska, when my college roommate and I took a super-touristy road trip from Portland, OR to Kalamazoo, MI

I’ve had my current truck since I was 17. I’m 25 now. I loved my truck in high school and college (though I did leave him at home for the first three years). Even my first year out of school when I had to get three new tire changes because I kept running over curbs. After all, that wasn’t the truck’s fault.

Then two years ago, I had some major repairs and ended up financing about $1000, and making some more repairs for $400 a couple months later.

Then this January, I needed a new fuel pump and a few other repairs, which added up to $1200.

Right after that, the service engine light came on again.

That pretty much made me stop loving my truck.

So, I’m saving up for a new vehicle. I don’t need anything super fancy, but I have some standards. Here they are, for you to judge and amuse.

  • It has to be pleasant looking. I have no color requirements, though I’d love another blue vehicle, but it needs to be fairly free of dents, dings, and blemishes, and the inside needs to be clean.
  • I need air conditioning. I’ve lived without it for too long. It is mandatory. Idaho summers are too hot, and commuting is the bane of my existence. Air conditioning would help.
  • I’d like a four-door vehicle. I’ve been limited by having a truck where three people are pretty squished inside. I’d like to be able to drive when more than one friend wants to go somewhere.
  • I need a large trunk or storage area to haul things, because I’d rather be the person people ask for help moving, than the moving person who needs to hunt down willing help.
  • I’d like less than 80,000 miles. My truck has 137,000, so I’d like to be trading up in terms of longevity.
  • I also want something with good gas mileage. Currently my truck gets 24 mpg, which isn’t the worst, but since I commute, it’d be nice to get even better.

So those are my standards. My goal is to get something by December, so I can start off the new year focused only on my student loans. Here’s hoping!

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  1. wanderlust809

    I feel your new car pains! We are saving for a new to us car as well. We have about half of our goal put away, right now. The in-laws offered to let us pay off the rest of their car loan to take their car. It’s a car I would love to have! A 2014 Ford Focus Titanium edition. Less than 30k miles on it, and the price is just below the KBB value, so it is a good deal! Mother in law is looking to get herself a truck again. The hatchback life isn’t working for her.

    • It’s awesome that you’re getting that opportunity! I’m a little nervous about switching to the hatchback life as well, but I don’t feel like I make the most of my truck enough to make up for the fact that smaller cars get better gas mileage.

      • wanderlust809

        It sounds like a smaller SUV may be more up your alley. Has the towing power for when you need it, the seats down would give you a similar amount of trunk space. I guess it more matter what you are putting in the bed of the truck. If it is yard waste or dirty articles I wouldn’t switch from a truck to an SUV.

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