Spending Freeze Diary

Today is April 4th. On April 1st, I decided to start a 2 week spending freeze. I am not going to spend any money until April 15th.

Of course, that previous sentence is completely ridiculous. I’m going to spend money in this next two weeks. But I’m cutting all miscellaneous spending. That means that money will be spent on the following items only:

  • Bills
  • Necessary groceries
  • Gas

I decided to do this because April looks like a great month to save money. I have no presents to buy people, no events to attend, and I just increased my monthly contribution to my student loans substantially, so I really need to halt the miscellaneous spending so I can see where my budget balances out.

I decided on two weeks for a couple of reasons. My main money-spending times are the weekends. This weekend I’m spending most of my time in bed recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed. It felt like it would be cheating to only do a week where I wouldn’t be spending money anyway.

Also, I want to make a significant impact, and I feel like a week is not enough time to do it in. If this goes well, I plan on doing spending freezes for at least one week, possibly two, each month for the remainder of the year.

I’m going to document my spending freeze here for accountability and just so you out there who haven’t done spending freezes can see what it’s like. Here’s a quick rundown of my first few days:

Wednesday April 1st: While at work, I decide I’m starting a spending freeze. Then I realize I need to buy groceries because I need soft and liquid foods for after my wisdom teeth are removed. So I decide to make it a miscellaneous spending freeze. But I won’t go overboard on the groceries. Necessities only.

On work nights, I don’t often leave the house. Though, this spending freeze was partially prompted by the fact we went on a double date Tuesday, and my boyfriend referenced “hemorrhaging money” for the third time in a week. He’s not actually participating in this freeze as of yet, but I think me being super money conscious will result in him doing the same. Though I am going to be super careful not to avoid spending money by having him spend it instead. Because that’s just not fair.

Wednesday night we went grocery shopping. It was actually his trip, so I didn’t spend any money anyway. I will be buying groceries during the freeze though, since we split grocery costs and I’m not shirking that responsibility.

Thursday April 2nd: I worked all day. It wasn’t a day when I was tempted to buy coffee or lunch, so no worries there. Work provides free coffee and tea anyway, and I had already had this week’s lunches planned, so if I had been tempted, there were some significant reasons not to give in.

Thursday is my weekly dinner/tv night with my mom. It’s her week to provide food, so I didn’t need to buy anything.

Friday April 3rd: I got my wisdom teeth removed. Technically I spent money on that, but I’ll be able to reimburse myself from my HSA once it replenishes. I spent the rest of the day inside watching Gilmore Girls.

Saturday April 4th: Today I’ve already spent quite a bit of time online, which had led me to almost spending money a few times. Stores that I like in the area are having sales. There was a free “motivation” book I was tempted to get, but I would have had to pay for shipping. It was still a great deal, and I was tempted, but it’s likely I wouldn’t have read the book anyway. Also, I don’t need self-help books to become motivated. What I need is to just do stuff. I feel better when I do, and then I’m not using “reading up on motivation strategies” as a procrastination tool.

I’m a bit bored today. My jaw is still extremely sore from getting all four wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. Three were turned in such a way that they needed to be cut out. My boredom keeps causing me to think of things to do, most of which cost money. Luckily, I don’t really feel like getting dressed and leaving the house. Also, I have lots of projects I need to work on at home. So I’m going to work on my blog, edit a project I’m way behind on and work on some crafts I hope to sell in the future.

That’s all for now! Tomorrow I’m going to post about the new student loan payoff plan I’ve outlined, and how that led to me realigning my goals, both financially and in general.

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