Psycho Beach Party

Psycho Beach PartyMy boyfriend has a tendency to make up fake titles for movies, usually fictional sequels such as “Hellraiser 7: Return to Party Beach” or “Freddy vs. Jason: Return to Party Beach” Notice a theme here? There’s 3. Bad movies- horror- party beach.

So when I was looking up Nicholas Brendon from Buffy the Vampire slayer (He was arrested at Boise’s Comic Con, and I was prompted to see what else he’d been in), and I found “Psycho Beach Party” I knew we had to watch it.

Psycho Beach Party was made in 2000, but it spoofs 60 horror films. It starts out at a drive-in movie, and keeps the kitschy horror theme throughout. It’s predictable, but does throw a lot of curves at the audience. Pretty much every character is under suspicion at one point or another for the mysterious murders that take place.

This is definitely a silly movie, and best enjoyed while tipsy. It has a female cop played by a man, a bitchy girl in a wheelchair, and of course, lots of surfer guys without their shirts on. It makes fun of pretty much every culture or subculture represented, and is an all around good time,

If you’ve seen it or don’t mind spoilers, read on. If not, Thanks for reading, and if you like to laugh at campy movies, your should check this one out!

Okay, for those of you still with us. here are some things that stuck out to me about Psycho Beach Party:

1. The big Kahuna kept speaking in rhyme! That drove me crazy, but eventually became slightly entertaining.

2. The framing, with the start of the action at the drive-in, then the whole story being a dream of a crazy person in a drive-in movie, based on a “true-story” and then the main character popping up in the car at the end. That felt like a bit of a cop-out, to make everything not really real, but the drive-in inside a drive-in was kinda cool. I like it when frames are used, but the specifics of what really happened and what was fabricated weren’t completely clear.

This would be a great film to watch on halloween or just at a movie night with friends who enjoy low budget, “watch to make fun of” type films.

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