Writing Challenges

One of my blog posts that brings in the most search traffic is my “30 day writing challenge” post. My friend Beth found a writing challenge on a tumblr account and we started it together. I lasted about 5 days. But I had outlined the challenge on my blog, and that post does bring in some organic traffic.

The sad thing is, I doubt many people from that post check out my other pages. So I had the idea to create a 30 day writing challenge of my own, post it, and get some more interaction. The problem is that I never finish writing challenges.  NaNoWriMo, writing prompt books, anything that requires my daily attention falls through the cracks. Usually because if I miss one day, I don’t feel like it’s worth it to catch up.

Of course, concrete goals are useful in achieving your dreams, but I feel like “writing every day” isn’t a goal- it’s a means. It’s the strategy you use to achieve a result. But if you make it your goal to write everyday, that larger result gets lost, and it’s easy to get frustrated when you fall behind or, even if you do write everyday, it doesn’t lead anywhere.

So instead of doing a writing challenge that requires you to work every day, (which in my mind makes it easier to just quit if you fall behind), I want to make a series of challenges that just focuses on improving your writing. No pressure to do one every day. Just focusing on one little thing at a time to become a better writer. Some will be vague, some will be specific. All will be focused on improving the self as a writer. I suggest you make your own personal goals (finish a story, write a collection of poems, be published) and set a deadline of your own, but that is something that will be most effective when you do it yourself, not be told by some blogger you’ve never met that being published by december 31 is the only way you’ll meet your dream of becoming an author.

I’ll be posting a few challenges a week. The day after I post the challenge, I’ll post the writing I did in response to the prompt. This way you have time to write based on your interpretation, but you also get mine as an example if you’re stuck or if you just want to see my writing too.

I hope you enjoy these challenges. The first one will be posted tomorrow. I’d love to get feedback on what you think about them, what obstacles you find in your writing that you might want help addressing, and of course, if you’d like to share your writing inspired by the challenges, I’d be thrilled.

Happy Writing Everyone!

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