A Night for a Novel

“Anything worth doing can be done in one night”

writing paraphernalia

She fluffed her pillows.

She plugged in her laptop.

She set her coffee,

her water,

a tissue box,

the radio remote,

a pen,

and a notepad

all on the bedside table.

The music was set at an audible

but not disrupting volume.


The bed was comfortable,

almost too comfortable.


Should she relocate?

Tonight was not a night for sleep.


No, she’d be fine.

The coffee would keep her awake.

She needed to be comfortable

because discomfort was distracting.


Tonight was not a night for diversions.


Tonight, a novel would be born.



This post’s dark secret: That “quotation” up at the top? I made it up.

This posts’s other dark secret: I’m pretty sure I don’t believe the message of that “quotation.” But I like it with the poem. So it stays. 🙂

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