So this morning I woke up tired. This is usually the case, but I did not go to bed at a decent hour last night, what sleep I had was interrupted twice, and it was monday.

But I woke up in a good mood. And as I pulled clothes onto my body, I figured it was going to be a good day. And it was.

But even good days have little fiascos. As I decided what to wear, (“deciding” consisting of pulling the shirt closest to me over my head”), I chose to don a nice orange blouse I bought a few months ago but hadn’t worn yet. I vaguely recalled thinking it was a high maintenance shirt, but couldn’t figure out why. I looked in the mirror, all the important bits were covered, off to work I go.

Fast forward to me sitting at my computer, glancing down and noticing half my bra. I pulled my shirt up. 30 times. Before 8. There was no way I was making it through the day.  I started to think of solutions. I didn’t have any safety pins. I didn’t have any extra clothes in my truck (sometimes I do). I glance down. Pull up my shirt. Look at my desk. Pen. Pen cap. Done.

I walked to the bathroom without even really thinking. Pull up my shirt, fold the back over, slide the pen cap over the fold and WAH-LA! My brief stint of workplace inappropriateness has come to an end! Hurray for ingenuity. Next time, a camisole gets to go under this shirt.

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