Airhead Friday Intro

So when I remember that I have a blog and goals to post on it regularly, I pay pretty close attention to the stats. Maybe staring at the numbers of people viewing my blog make me feel like I am working on it. I don’t know why, but I do like looking at the stats, figuring out if I can narrow down how many of my visitors were people I know, and the like. I also pay attention to the search strings that people find me through (I do work in SEO after all), and people have found my blog using some interesting terms. I remember a couple special ones: “poetry with the word airhead in it”, “short airhead poem”, the turkish phrase for “real phoenix” (I do have a Phoenix poem), “I don’t mind being an airhead” and more.

And then of course there’s that search term blog owners love to see “unknown search terms” or “other search terms” both of which usually show up together and glare at you saying “nyah nyah nyah, I’m not telling!”

Recently I finally sat down and played with Google Webmaster tools, hoping I could see a few more of the search terms. What’s cool is that it shows the search terms see your site as an option for, not just the ones that they used to get there. So you can see which term you’re ranking for and which ones  cause people to actually click through to your site. There were some interesting terms that I showed up for. The most interesting to me were ones that involved parts of my site’s name. Here are a few that I looked up to see what they were:

Airhead for years (“For Years” is an album by an artist who calls himself Airhead)

Airhead Challenge

Airhead movie

This got me thinking. What if I focused on the name of my site a little more and wrote posts centered around the word “airhead”? I think it could be a lot of fun. So Fridays are now “Airhead Fridays”, where I will focus on either something I found that incorporates the word “airhead,” or I will share an experience from the week that demonstrates airheadiness in my life.

So today for Airhead Friday we’re going to stick with the basics: What is an airhead?

According to the dictionary, the term airhead is slang for a silly, rather unintelligent person.

Now when I call myself an airhead, I am definitely focusing on the silly aspect. I know I am intelligent, but I do have a lot of “brain fart” moments where I do silly things that would make someone think I am not intelligent. Usually this happens when I speak before I think.

I enjoy being silly, which is why I embrace my airheaded tendencies. Life is too short to be serious all the time. Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Have a great weekend everyone!

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