Never a Car

“I do not!”

“Oh, you sooo have a type.”

“Not really. I mean, Shawn was tall and muscular, and Tom was kind of scrawny, and Rick was blonde, and Joey had red hair. I could go on. All the guys I liked had completely different looks. I have no type.”

“Okay, maybe you don’t have a physical type, but think about the things they had in common.”

“Nooo, they were all different.”

“Ok, Sheila. How do you feel about smoking?”

“you know I hate it.”

“How many of them smoked.”

“Umm…. just cigarettes?”

“Nope. Anything.”

“…. everyone but Joey. Oh. and Tom.”

“And how many of them have you had to drive around because they didn’t have cars of their own?”

“pretty much all of them. Except that guy I went on that one date with!”

“and he only lasted one date.”

“Okay fine, but..”

“I’m not done. How many have been in jail?”

“Are you saying I like bad boys? Just because two of them have been in jail and it’s really surprising that Landon hasn’t yet, doesn’t mean I like bad boys. I really want a nice guy!”

“But you’re not attracted to them.”

“I so am! I just don’t know any.”



“Open your eyes.”

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