“Oh my dreams, get stranger every day, in every possible way” The Cranberries (revised)

Turns out I messed up that quote, but I like the way I have it. Anyway, the dreams I had between pressing snooze and getting out of bed this morning were quite strange. I dreamed of hanging out with a collection of friends who are currently spread out across the country before going to work. We were hanging out in a downtown area, going to assorted coffee places and ice cream shops. At one of them, a guy in line started asking about my blog because a friend was wearing a t-shirt promoting it. Then the cashier started talking about how he wished I did more updates.

Also, random people were walking by my house and texting me.

Overall, some strange dreams, and all it did was make me want a frou-frou coffee drink, a chocolate cupcake with bacon on it, and t-shirts for my blog.

Have a great day everyone!

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